Charlaine Harris’s ‘Living Dead In Dallas’ – the collected reviews

Chapter One; wherein our mystery begins.

Chapter Two; wherein we learn how big killing lizards and maenads are quite similar.  And hobbits work as surgeons.

Chapter Three; wherein I am very disappointed in Sookie.

Chapter Four; wherein we actually get to Dallas.

Chapter Five; wherein Sookie infiltrates a church like a boss.

Chapter Six; wherein Sookie gets the ever-living crap beaten out of her.

Chapter Seven; wherein I meet Farrell, my gay vampire soul mate.

Chapter Eight; wherein there are only six pages and not much happens.

Chapter Nine; wherein I get very cross at Ms Harris for how stupid she makes Sookie.

Chapter Ten; wherein Sookie goes to an orgy with Eric.

Chapter Eleven; wherein there is chocolate cake.  Hooray!


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