Charlaine Harris’s ‘From Dead to Worse’ – the collected reviews

Prologue; wherein we learn that Sookie can name no British actresses, and provides a recap.

Chapter One; wherein there is a wedding and I declare this book makes no sense already.

Chapter Two; wherein I declare Sookie to be forever alone and that I dislike most of the men in this universe.

Chapter Three; wherein I get VERY fed up with the men in this universe.

Chapter Four; wherein there is fairy bullshit galore.

Chapter Five; wherein Eric eats a werewolf. Nom nom.

Chapter Six; wherein there’s a witch and a murder.


Chapter Eight; wherein there is an assassination attempt at the library and common sense is achieved.

Chapter Nine; wherein there is a werewolf war. Well, more a sort of skirmish.

Chapter Ten; wherein there is prelude to another portion of one of the many plots.

Chapter Eleven; wherein we learn the battle plan of the vampires of Vegas.

Chapter Twelve; wherein the vampire war… is solved by talking.

Chapter Thirteen; wherein Quinn thinks it’s appropriate to break into people’s houses.

Chapter Fourteen; wherein Sophie-Anne is finally, definitely dead and Sookie makes light of gang-rape.

Chapter Fifteen; wherein there is JAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM.

Chapter Sixteen; wherein we learn EVERYTHING ABOUT SAM.

Chapter Seventeen; wherein there is a magic brainwashing.

Chapter Eighteen; wherein I cannot describe how awful the events of this chapter are.

Chapter Nineteen; wherein I cannot process the amount of cultural stereotyping that goes on.

Chapter Twenty; wherein dear god, the stupidity.

Chapter Twenty One; wherein there is a child and much blandness to be found.


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