Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Until Dark’ – the collected reviews

Chapter One; wherein we meet our intrepid heroine and her predestined love interest.

Chapter Two; wherein the first murder victim is discovered and Bill levitates.

Chapter Three; wherein there is a second murder and we get a long list of suspects.

Chapter Four; wherein Bill and Sookie go to a vampire bar and shenanigans ensue.

Chapter Five; wherein so many bad things happen and I cry.

Chapter Six; wherein Sookie and Bill have sex.

Chapter Seven; wherein I get very angry at Jason Stackhouse.

Chapter Eight; wherein I get very angry at Sookie Stackhouse.

Chapter Nine; wherein I get high on vampire blood and wonder what a gunnysack is.

Chapter Ten; wherein there are talks and angry holes.

Chapter Eleven; wherein there is a Sam and Dean, but not in a way I would automatically expect.

Chapter Twelve; wherein the mystery is resolved.


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