Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead to the World’ – the collected reviews

Prologue; wherein I use Benedict Cumberbatch to calm my anger towards Bill.

Chapter One; wherein I rant on the nature of witchcraft in history.

Chapter Two; wherein we learn that Eric lost his memory by being a colossal moron.

Chapter Three; wherein Sookie is a nasty bitch.

Chapter Four; wherein there is pointless filler about witchcraft.

Chapter Five; wherein so many horrible gory things happen.

Chapter Six; wherein there is a very famous sex scene.

Chapter Seven; wherein Hotshot is introduced.

Chapter Eight; wherein I ask what the fuck is going on.

Chapter Nine; wherein I have a breakdown about fairies.

Chapter Ten; wherein I disclose my hatred for the Bon Temps police and I guess the secret identity of the inhabitants of Hotshot.

Chapter Eleven; wherein the war starts.

Chapter Twelve; wherein shit starts going down.

Chapter Thirteen; well, the witches are def- AHHHHHHH MY GOD.

Chapter Fourteen; wherein there are many hoorays.

Chapter Fifteen; wherein there is much glory all round.

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