Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead as a Doornail’ – the collected reviews

Chapter One: wherein I praise the shifters of Harris’s books.

Chapter Two; wherein stuff goes down at Merlotte’s.

Chapter Three; wherein Eric is lazy and doesn’t do anything.

Chapter Four; wherein we meet a pirate.

Chapter Five; wherein Alcide finally talks sensibly about the rape that happened two books ago.

Chapter Six; wherein there is a funeral.

Chapter Seven; wherein there is a fire.

Chapter Eight; wherein I am very cross at Claudine.

Chapter Nine; wherein Bill ends up hurting Sookie. Again.

Chapter Ten; wherein all hopes of Alcide and Sookie having a relationship go up in smoke.

Chapter Eleven; wherein we learn how amazing it is to be lower class

Chapter Twelve; wherein Sookie is shot.

Chapter Thirteen; wherein we see what a good, good friend Sookie is.

Chapter Fourteen; wherein we learn the identity of the Bon Temps sniper.

Chapter Fifteen; wherein there is a contest for packmaster.

Chapter Sixteen; wherein the book is concluded and it has all the dramas.


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