Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ – the collected reviews

Chapter One; wherein there is a glorious parody of reality TV. Using vampires.

Chapter Two; wherein there is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

Chapter Three; wherein there is a forced engagement.

Chapter Four; wherein the FBI turn up.

Chapter Five; wherein there is an awful and horrific murder.

Chapter Six; wherein there is ERIC BACKSTORY.

Chapter Seven; wherein a lot of things happen, none of them especially important.

Chapter Eight; wherein the plot shows up. And it involves fairies.

Chapter Nine; wherein a fairy dies and Quinn shows up to be a patronising, controlling arsehole.

Chapter Ten; wherein sex.

Chapter Eleven; wherein people decide to crucify Sookie.

Chapter Twelve; wherein there is a shoot-out and more CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

Chapter Thirteen; wherein the character of Amelia is suddenly made very, very stupid for no reason.

Chapter Fourteen; wherein Alcide texts like a teenage girl.

Chapter Fifteen; wherein OH DEAR GOD.

Chapter Sixteen; wherein shit starts to go down.

Chapter Seventeen; wherein torture. Really awful graphic torture.

Chapter Eighteen; wherein there is a vicious battle and the book ends abruptly.


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