Charlaine Harris’s ‘Club Dead’ – the collected reviews

Chapter One; wherein it is revealed that Ms Harris knows little of European politics.

Chapter Two; wherein werewolves are introduced and Dottie is very, very happy.

Chapter Three; wherein we learn about Bill’s abduction and his affair.

Chapter Four; wherein Sookie goes to JACKSON and we meet Alcide Herveaux.

Chapter Five; wherein Sookie wears an awful dress and acts like a bitch to a woman who doesn’t especially deserve it.

Chapter Six; wherein nothing much happens other than more dissing of Debbie Pelt.

Chapter Seven; wherein there is a murder that makes no sense.

Chapter Eight; wherein Sookie is determined to find Bill.  After eight chapters.

Chapter Nine; wherein there is a video for one of Dottie’s favourite songs as Sookie dances.

Chapter Ten; wherein Sookie and Eric have an uncomfortable sort-of sex scene.

Chapter Eleven; wherein Sookie rescues Bill and becomes like Buffy.

Chapter Twelve; wherein Sookie is raped.  This is never discussed or confronted by any character.  I do not like this chapter.

Chapter Thirteen; wherein Eric and Sookie are attacked at a petrol station.

Chapter Fourteen; wherein it’s a bit like a sitcom. But with even less laughs.

Chapter Fifteen; wherein this book is concluded where nothing important, like a rape of the major character, is resolved.


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