Charlaine Harris’s ‘All Together Dead’ – the collected reviews

Chapter One; wherein there has been a tragedy of the tragic type.

Chapter Two; wherein there’s a bridal shower and some nipples.

Chapter Three; wherein we learn the secret of Amelia’s parentage and there’s another wedding on the way!

Chapter Four; wherein Jason Stackhouse gets married. Uh, yay?

Chapter Five; wherein I picspam because Sookie really annoys me in this chapter.

Chapter Six; wherein I find a new love in life – in the love between a witch and a vampire.

Chapter Seven; wherein we learn Pam’s backstory.

Chapter Eight; wherein Sookie travels to Chicago.

Chapter Nine; wherein there’s some vamp politics and ALIENS. SHIT YEAH ALIENS.

Chapter Ten; wherein we learn the truth about Quinn.

Chapter Eleven; wherein Eric and Sookie have some blood-swapping thing.

Chapter Twelve; wherein there is a bomb plot and THERE ARE AWESOME ALIENS.

Chapter Thirteen; wherein there is a ball, a trial and a murder.

Chapter Fourteen; wherein Sookie abandons her injured boyfriend to dance with the arsehole Eric.

Chapter Fifteen; wherein I’m cross because Charlaine Harris does not understand Europe.

Chapter Sixteen; wherein there are some more court cases and Bill is an arse.

Chapter Seventeen; wherein the hotel explodes.

Chapter Eighteen; wherein Sophie-Anne is proved to be a badass.

Chapter Nineteen; wherein we learn the fate of Andre, I give my thoughts on the book, and make predictions for the next.


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