Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ – my reviews

Chapter One; it’s Christmas. Anita dresses badly.

Chapter Two; blue fiery love.


Chapter Four; JC and Richard argue over who has the right to bone Anita.

Chapter Five; Anita cannot understand the concept of ‘manners’.

Chapter Six; Gretchen, JC’s stalker with a crush, arrives.

Chapter Seven; Anita is a fucking moron and thinks heels and a dress are perfect for walking around a snowy crime scene in.

Chapter Eight; I have no idea what’s going on.

Chapter Nine; LKH doesn’t understand puns.

Chapter Ten; oh dear lord make it stop.

Chapter Eleven; Anita shoots someone to make a silly point. That’s a real hero, there.

Chapter Twelve; werewolves drink blood. I don’t know why.

Chapter Thirteen; Anita has only rage and penguins.

Chapter Fourteen; Anita has family, apparently.

Chapter Fifteen; how dare her boss ask Anita to work!

Chapter Sixteen; lessons from fairy tales are brutal.

Chapter Seventeen; Anita whines and bitches and generally ducks responsibility for shooting people in the face.

Chapter Eighteen; bestiality and snuff films. FUN.

Chapter Nineteen; pornography is evil. Not murder. Porn.

Chapter Twenty; beware – lots of painful whiplash this chapter.

Chapter Twenty One; I slap a lot of people this chapter.

Chapter Twenty Two; Anita gets a concussion and runs around being a bitch.

Chapter Twenty Three; Anita hairpulls and manipulates Richard into doing what she wants. Pleasant gal, there.

Chapter Twenty Four; JC violently punishes Gretchen. for being what he made her.

Chapter Twenty Five; JC is an entitled twatwaffle.

Chapter Twenty Six; a woman acts sexy and Anita is APPALLED.

Chapter Twenty Seven; Anita declares that she doesn’t like food. I don’t understand.

Chapter Twenty Eight; I get very angry.

Chapter Twenty Nine; nothing makes any sense.

Chapter Thirty; God’s sake man, no one wants to see your nipples.

Chapter Thirty One; JC welcomes comparing himself to a rapist.

Chapter Thirty Two; ding dong, the plot is ringing.

Chapter Thirty Three; stop ramming morals down my throat.

Chapter Thirty Four; feminism is over.

Chapter Thirty Five; Anita is an inconsiderate bitch.

Chapter Thirty Six; why are you all so stupid.

Chapter Thirty Seven; LKH cannot spell ‘yeah’.

Chapter Thirty Eight; murder for everybody.

Chapter Thirty Nine; shut up anita.

Chapter Forty; SURPRISE.

Chapter Forty One; Anita is about to potentially be raped by a wolf. Yeah…

Chapter Forty Two; Anita kills everyone.

Chapter Forty Three; Anita decorates her house with human skin.


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