Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ – my reviews

Chapter One – Anita meets Gaynor. He is not a nice man.

Chapter Two – Hideous bridesmaid dresses abound.

Chapter Three – First crime scene.

Chapter Four – The great Mexican/Haitian confusion starts.

Chapter Five – Dirty, dirty racism.

Chapter Six – My first Hiddlespam of rage. It’s all down to racism and evil and implying that brown people are evil.

Chapter Seven – EVILLLLLLLL.

Chapter Eight – A bodyguard threatens to murder Anita.

Chapter Nine – Anita has a go at a widow and takes her children away from her.

Chapter Ten – Anita deduces things because SHUT UP.

Chapter Eleven – Being a werewolf is like AIDS. Except it isn’t.

Chapter Twelve – Prejudice.

Chapter Thirteen – Dottie’s version of Jean-Claude, the paranoid mess that is JC and his cat, is born.

Chapter Fourteen – Napalm is perfectly safe to use!

Chapter Fifteen – Anita bullies a man with a mental illness.

Chapter Sixteen – Emotions bad! Walls bad! Pyjamas bad!

Chapter Seventeen – It is revealed that witches who break the law receive an instant death sentence.

Chapter Eighteen – Anita walks around covered in blood. She thinks everyone is staring at her for how perfect her skin is.

Chapter Nineteen – Anita stops herself being raped by quoting Dirty Harry.

Chapter Twenty – Anita judges people at length.

Chapter Twenty One – JC, King of Bland.

Chapter Twenty Two – Anita judges people some more.

Chapter Twenty Three – Hamilton does not understand the basic concept of prostitution.

Chapter Twenty Four – JC doesn’t understand prostitution.

Chapter Twenty Five – Anita says prostitution is bad and that victims are only victimised because they allow themselves to be.

Chapter Twenty Six – the police stop working on the weekend for tea and biscuits.

Chapter Twenty Seven – Anita questions whether a breast is still a breast when it’s removed from the body. Some real deep philosophy y’all.

Chapter Twenty Eight – Anita comes up with the genius idea that the police should look for a zombie on the rampage.

Chapter Twenty Nine – Hamilton does not do research. Again.

Chapter Thirty – everyone come on the police raid!

Chapter Thirty One – practising voodoo makes your spit turn into acid.

Chapter Thirty Two – fucking dickhead.


Chapter Thirty Four – Anita’s unconscious.

Chapter Thirty Five – this is a silly chapter.

Chapter Thirty Six – Anita almost gets raped so she mashes his skull into mulch.

Chapter Thirty Seven – Anita gets a flesh wound.

Chapter Thirty Eight – Hamilton forgets that a character has paralysed legs.

Chapter Thirty Nine – a nice hint of ableism.

Chapter Forty – painful sex is apparently the norm for Anita.


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