Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ – my reviews


Chapter Two; Damn femininity.

Chapter Three; men can carry televisions and it is remarkable. Remarkable I say!

Chapter Four; oh hai, casual racism.

Chapter Five; a man is dead and so we get clunky ‘jokes’.

Chapter Six; everything is stupid.

Chapter Seven; Really, really idiotic werewolf stuff.

Chapter Eight; hey look rape.

Chapter Nine; Anita has to SHARE A BED WITH A GUY. Oh, the DRAMA.

Chapter Ten; sad trombone.

Chapter Eleven; FIGHTING.

Chapter Twelve; Anita is being targeted by hitmen, so her solution is to go to the opening of a nightclub. Genius.

Chapter Thirteen; being seduced is like being crippled. oh hai casual ableism.

Chapter Fourteen; Anita lets the hitmen know where she is, endangering many lives.

Chapter Fifteen; there’s a rape threat which makes no sense by the end reveal.

Chapter Sixteen; assault is great entertainment.

Chapter Seventeen; LKH does not read back her own work. Here is proof.

Chapter Eighteen; Anita thinks people can survive having their hearts ripped out. Not that this murder case will be treated as important by an of the characters.

Chapter Nineteen; there is a witch detective who does nothing useful and is never mentioned again.

Chapter Twenty; how inconspicuous.

Chapter Twenty One; history lecture time.

Chapter Twenty Two; waaaa waaaa i have a stepmother and no one pays me any attention waaaa

Chapter Twenty Three; why do you refuse to explain things?

Chapter Twenty Four; a lusty triforce of POWER.

Chapter Twenty Five; POWER.

Chapter Twenty Six; more POWER.

Chapter Twenty Seven; if zombies appear to attack you, yell at people for trying to keep you safe!

Chapter Twenty Eight; if someone touches you and you don’t like it – tough. They have a right to do that.

Chapter Twenty Nine; make-outs.

Chapter Thirty; bullshit about power.

Chapter Thirty One; EXPLAIN. EXPLAIN.

Chapter Thirty Two; what?

Chapter Thirty Three; if someone is dying, put a moist flannel on their face. That’s the way to save them!

Chapter Thirty Four; refer to the picture.

Chapter Thirty Five; Leather!

Chapter Thirty Six; SEX POWER.

Chapter Thirty Seven; Smell my cheese.

Chapter Thirty Eight; I am suspicious of everyone.

Chapter Thirty Nine; The very first LKH sex scene! Get ready to shout ‘smell my cheese’!

Chapter Forty; Anita advocates that women ought to be beaten as a punishment.

Chapter Forty One; oh yeah.

Chapter Forty Two; hey look an attempt at plot resolution.

Chapter Forty Three; a shapeshifter snuff porn film cannot work.

Chapter Forty Four; Anita is running around in just a pair of pants.

Chapter Forty Five; sitcom laughter about being sociopaths. Nice.

Chapter Forty Six; the final conclusion, after five chapters of plot resolution.

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