Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Circus of the Damned’ – my reviews

Chapter One;  “Piss me off, pay the consequences”. You r so noble Anita Blake.

Chapter Two; Research fail.

Chapter Three; the thrills continue.

Chapter Four; symbolic dream time.

Chapter Five; a circus where any human fantasy is met is a great place to bring the kids.

Chapter Six; an evil gay woman rubs a gun over her breasts and Hamilton knows nothing about snakes.

Chapter Seven; Hamilton continues to know nothing about snakes and there are more people rubbing their nipples.

Chapter Eight; Anita stares at half-naked men.

Chapter Nine; Anita talks about herself and screams out Philip’s name. For no apparent reason.

Chapter Ten; Edward returns. Woo.

Chapter Eleven; Symbolic dreams and an injury that will not be mentioned again.

Chapter Twelve; A really pointless chapter.

Chapter Thirteen; Another really pointless chapter.

Chapter Fourteen; the continuity in this series is fucking balls.

Chapter Fifteen; these books have an internal logical consistency of a hob nob.

Chapter Sixteen; a really pointless chapter.

Chapter Seventeen; I get to talk about Martin Luther.

Chapter Eighteen; Anita’s so clever and witty and all-round awesome.

Chapter Nineteen; I love the smell of a retcon in the evening.

Chapter Twenty; Anita mows a pedestrian down.

Chapter Twenty One; Anita mows down a small child and is casually racist.

Chapter Twenty Two; Anita hits someone else with her car and talks about how self-sacrificing she is.

Chapter Twenty Three; Anita’s body is apparently made out of rubber.

Chapter Twenty Four; Suck my ovaries Hamilton.

Chapter Twenty Five;  Anita’s fucking hardcore.

Chapter Twenty Six; I am 110% done with Edward and his ridiculous insistence that he can’t use a doorbell.

Chapter Twenty Seven; dreams of lacy shirts.

Chapter Twenty Eight; Anita thinks that every situation, even answering the phone, will be perceived as having something to do with sex.

Chapter Twenty Nine; pointless.

Chapter Thirty; Hamilton does not understand what necromancy means.

Chapter Thirty One; a really pointless chapter.

Chapter Thirty Two; Anita should really be fired.

Chapter Thirty Three; gravestones and murders and shit.

Chapter Thirty Four; This looks really / Rather ridiculous in your / Text / So I don’t think / Quoting pretentiously / Is a good idea / In / Your / Urban Supernatural / Thrill / Er.

Chapter Thirty Five; classy rape analogies.

Chapter Thirty Six; Anita and JC cannot understand what they should do. Ever.

Chapter Thirty Seven; Richard stands in the breeze, like a romance novel hero.

Chapter Thirty Eight; silly pictures with me and cutlery.

Chapter Thirty Nine; oh it’s Aztec Joe!

Chapter Forty; banana.

Chapter Forty One; Anita runs around near nude than vomits blood. Funsies.

Chapter Forty Two; JC fucking disgusts me.


Chapter Forty Four; Anita gives up JC to Oliver.

Chapter Forty Five; when you go to raise your nana as a zombie, what you really want is some moron is a costume doing it.

Chapter Forty Six; everyone’s in costumes for the death monologue.

Chapter Forty Seven; Anita kills everyone.

Chapter Forty Eight; Richard’s a werewolf and Anita loves JC.

Chapter Forty Nine; a conclusion.

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