Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ – my reviews

Chapter One; a bunch of murders and stuff.

Chapter Two; let’s shit on this woman for no good reason!

Chapter Three; No one talks like a human being.

Chapter Four; thinking is hard.

Chapter Five; differences between places are hard. Why can’t everywhere be the same?

Chapter Six; Anita makes speeches about how amazing she is.

Chapter Seven; the eternal curse of the super-powered free handjob giver.

Chapter Eight: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Confused By Tea Bags.

Chapter Nine; human relationships can only ever involve sex.


Chapter Eleven; BLAH BLAH.

Chapter Twelve; LKH does not understand anything.

Chapter Thirteen; Bad bad guys.

Chapter Fourteen; Anita Blake is the worst fucking person in the world.

Chapter Fifteen; this is not a realistic world.

Chapter Sixteen; pointless.

Chapter Seventeen; LKH is ‘down with the kids’.

Chapter Eighteen; well done. You have got the life achievement of ‘racist’.

Chapter Nineteen; you know that rapist you’re afraid of? Get in his face and try to make him attack you.

Chapter Twenty; LKH is really bad at history.

Chapter Twenty One; so much paperwork.

Chapter Twenty Two; dressing up.

Chapter Twenty Three; in two parts, here and here.

Chapter Twenty Four; oh god shut up

Chapter Twenty Five; this book is weird.

Chapter Twenty Six;… and the racism skyrockets.

Chapter Twenty Seven; Anita can’t go to a hotel because of reasons.

Chapter Twenty Eight; people who make food for you are eeeeeevvvvvillllllll.

Chapter Twenty Nine;  omg murderers are kewl!!!!1!

Chapter Thirty; tuff rugs.

Chapter Thirty One; bodies smell like hamburgers.

Chapter Thirty Two; the only sensible character is promptly shat on.

Chapter Thirty Three; instant bleedy death!

Chapter Thirty Four; You failed Wicca.

Chapter Thirty Five; a POC tries to act as if he is equal in society. Anita smacks him down instantly.

Chapter Thirty Six; LKH hates Europe. I have no idea why.

Chapter Thirty Seven; oh no dangerous bikers are dangerous

Chapter Thirty Eight; Anita is the world’s worst necromancer.

Chapter Thirty Nine; Anita is fucking useless.

Chapter Forty; Anita fucks up so badly a corpse eats an entire nursery of newborn babies.

Chapter Forty One; Not a chapter.

Chapter Forty Two; omg deep.


Chapter Forty Four; Anita has other things to worry about than those corpses who ate babies.

Chapter Forty Five; fuck this shit.

Chapter Forty Six; people arrive at places.

Chapter Forty Seven; thanks Captain Obvious, you have saved the day again.

Chapter Forty Eight; pod people. pod people.

Chapter Forty Nine; JC does things.

Chapter Fifty; the famous quote!

Chapter Fifty One; Mummies!

Chapter Fifty Two; ableism!

Chapter Fifty Three; Riker kidnapped the children. Probably to enlist them in Starfleet.

Chapter Fifty Four; weapons!

Chapter Fifty Five; fighting.

Chapter Fifty Six; a serious discussion of a very problematic scene.

Chapter Fifty Seven; more attempted rape.

Chapter Fifty Eight; that is one big pile of shit.

Chapter Fifty Nine; goons. Random goons.

Chapter Sixty; blood and stuff.

Chapter Sixty One; Help, someone is bleeding cocoa!

Chapter Sixty Two; RWH arrives and is a colossal disappointment.

Chapter Sixty Three; let’s all save olaf.

Chapter Sixty Four; Olaf is amazing because he hates women.

Epilogue; a breakdown of why this is such a failure.

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