Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ – my reviews

Chapter One; Is this book the base breaker I have been promised?

Chapter Two; Anita is SAD.

Chapter Three; there is nothing sexier than a man who loves to insult you.

Chapter Four;

Chapter Five;

Chapter Six; great. Rape.

Chapter Seven; this plot makes no fucking sense. And there is no plot!

Chapter Eight;

Chapter Nine;

Chapter Ten;

Chapter Eleven; woe!

Chapter Twelve; Important plot points that will not be mentioned again until the very end of the book.

Chapter Thirteen; stop touching faces.

Chapter Fourteen; stop with the rape.

Chapter Fifteen; cock-gobbler.

Chapter Sixteen; Anita Blake: Queen of Friendship and Comfort.

Chapter Seventeen; repetition is the sign of great writing, right?

Chapter Eighteen; doesn’t fried chicken turn you on?

Chapter Nineteen; part one and part two.

Chapter Twenty; I don’t ask for much, but a bit of logic would be nice.

Chapter Twenty One; democracy is baaaaaaaad.

Chapter Twenty Two; writer bad!

Chapter Twenty Three; your words are bad.

Chapter Twenty Four; well done Anita, you can have a toffee.

Chapter Twenty Five; gah i hate micah.

Chapter Twenty Six; wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Chapter Twenty Seven; wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong still.

Chapter Twenty Eight; don’t believe in anything. Unless it’s religion.

Chapter Twenty Nine; Captain Obvious to the rescue!

Chapter Thirty; haaaaattttttttteeeeeee.

Chapter Thirty One; problems with burns.

Chapter Thirty Two; this is so bad.

Chapter Thirty Three; will the real plot please stand up?

Chapter Thirty Four; LKH doesn’t understand what ‘Machiavellian’ means.

Chapter Thirty Five; STICKY GOO.

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