Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ – my reviews

Chapter One; a plot is started.

Chapter Two; Anita hates things.

Chapter Three; Jean-Claude is introduced, and he reads like a dodgy Dave Vanian knock-off.

Chapter Four; it’s a vampire strip club. It’s boring.

Chapter Five; I get cross about ghouls.

Chapter Six; I decide the Anita Blake universe is stupid.

Chapter Seven; evil laughs abound.

Chapter Eight; Jean-Claude and Anita have UST. NOW KISS.

Chapter Nine; something to do with servants.

Chapter Ten; we meet a rapey rat-man.

Chapter Eleven; Little Miss Nikky is introduced. She is a bad expy for Claudia.

Chapter Twelve; … is there stuff to do with an investigation?

Chapter Thirteen; there’s a fight?

Chapter Fourteen; stupid vampire with a stupid mask.

Chapter Fifteen; we meet Edward the Vampire Slayer

Chapter Sixteen; DREAM SEQUENCE.

Chapter Seventeen; The Church of Eternal Life is stupid.

Chapter Eighteen; a chapter with a very special message.

Chapter Nineteen; Anita orders the wrong pie.

Chapter Twenty; plot developments occur.

Chapter Twenty One; freak parties and being above the law.

Chapter Twenty Two; I avoid jokes about Martin Luther.

Chapter Twenty Three; shopping is dangerous, yo.

Chapter Twenty Four; Anita is horrible about someone being molested as a child.

Chapter Twenty Five; ORGY.

Chapter Twenty Six; Anita gets bit.

Chapter Twenty Seven; padding with goat sacrifice.

Chapter Twenty Eight; padding with zombie raising.

Chapter Twenty Nine; Nikky and the silly vampire church show up to break up the padding.

Chapter Thirty; a pointless one page chapter.

Chapter Thirty One; paranoia and dreams.

Chapter Thirty Two; the plot comes back again for a little while.

Chapter Thirty Three; vigilantism is the only true answer!

Chapter Thirty Four; the not-church has a drive by shooting.


Chapter Thirty Six; Philip gets kidnapped.

Chapter Thirty Seven; Circus of the Damned totally not the Theatre of the Vampires from Interview.

Chapter Thirty Eight; ANITA SMASH!

Chapter Thirty Nine; Philip is dead. ANITA SMASH!

Chapter Forty; pointless chapter.

Chapter Forty One; Anita lets a murder suspect care for her while she sleeps.


Chapter Forty Three; actual plot happens. I can’t deal with it.

Chapter Forty Four; a meeting with the rat-king.

Chapter Forty Five; Anita goes caving in impossible caves.

Chapter Forty Six; dead people breathe and have pulses.

Chapter Forty Seven; bad fight sequence. At least the minuscule plot is finally resolved.

Chapter Forty Eight; another pointless chapter and my conclusion.

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