Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ – my reviews

Chapter One; you can smell the bad on this one.


Chapter Three; with biphobia, this series completes a triangle of wrong.

Chapter Four; Anita is very stupid. More stupid than she normally is.

Chapter Five; Anita Blake is a hateful waste.

Chapter Six; no one understands the law and Anita is jealous of women who get raped.

Chapter Seven; white blindness.

Chapter Eight; the plot is out of the bag.


Chapter Ten; metaphor abuse.

Chapter Eleven; LKH thinks brown people are exotic and cool.

Chapter Twelve; I filmed a spork.

Chapter Thirteen; penis penis penis.

Chapter Fourteen; Anita has to relearn her magic powers and about BDSM.

Chapter Fifteen; Anita gets dressed.

Chapter Sixteen; more biphobia is sticking in my craw.

Chapter Seventeen; wow much tuff.

Chapter Eighteen; I get it LKH. Femininity is disgusting and abhorrent. It is only acceptable to the super masculine. That is the best validation women can have.

Chapter Nineteen; it’s a head in a basket.

Chapter Twenty; Anita Blake IS Rambo.

Chapter Twenty One; Anita does not understand this emotion you call love.

Chapter Twenty Two; that’s not irony.

Chapter Twenty Three; Anita wears the clothing of a giant.

Chapter Twenty Four; auras.

Chapter Twenty Five; what is going on?

Chapter Twenty Six; Anita flails around a lot.

Chapter Twenty Seven; a lot of rape.

Chapter Twenty Eight; Richard screams at doorknobs.

Chapter Twenty Nine; Anita gets molested by the police.

Chapter Thirty; Anita puts her makeup on in the shower. For some reason.

Chapter Thirty One; They’re on a biologist hunt. They’re not scared.

Chapter Thirty Two; Why must you skewer romance into your crime novel?

Chapter Thirty Three; flat, boring villains.

Chapter Thirty Four; mental illnesses are ‘flavours’. Eurgh.

Chapter Thirty Five; the book suddenly becomes a treasure adventure novel. For some reason.

Chapter Thirty Six; everything must be equated with sex.

Chapter Thirty Seven; shut up anita no one cares.

Chapter Thirty Eight; Nathaniel is a manipulative dingleberry.

Chapter Thirty Nine; fuck your face.

Chapter Forty; why can’t Anita function like a human being?

Chapter Forty One; Anita was in a coma, but everyone ignores this.

Chapter Forty Two; Anita finds a convenient and not made up loophole.

Chapter Forty Three; someone tries pointing out to Anita that she enjoys torturing people.

Chapter Forty Four; wha?

Chapter Forty Five; jesus h christ tapdancing on a cracker

Chapter Forty Six; Anita proclaims herself beloved by God. I prove otherwise.


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