Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ – my reviews

Chapter One – Oh, fuck off Anita.

Chapter Two – Anita is a super special snowflake.

Chapter Three – Anita gets in a fight with the guy who just hired her for millions of dollars.

Chapter Four – Short and relatively inoffensive.

Chapter Five – I get so annoyed I have to make fun of JC.

Chapter Six – It is important to talk about Anita’s red mini skirt.

Chapter Seven – The launcher of the good ship Freetie.

Chapter Eight – Crotch jokes.

Chapter Nine – Anita knows no history. Anita does not need your ‘history’.

Chapter Ten – Anita mocks my beloved.

Chapter Eleven – There’s a murder. No one knows anything.

Chapter Twelve – Anita is lower than a snake’s bollocks.

Chapter Thirteen – I found the perfect gif.

Chapter Fourteen – What is going on?

Chapter Fifteen – Hunting vampires in the middle of the night is a perfectly safe idea.

Chapter Sixteen – Hamilton’s disorder is born.

Chapter Seventeen – Many jokes are made about child molestation.

Chapter Eighteen – for the sake of fuck.

Chapter Nineteen – Wacky werewolf antics.

Chapter Twenty – JC proves himself capable of being outsmarted by a small child.

Chapter Twenty One – GAL PALS.

Chapter Twenty Two – Wa wa wa.

Chapter Twenty Three – fuck physics, vampire magic!

Chapter Twenty Four – Torture basement, yay.

Chapter Twenty Five – LKH knows nothing about whips.

Chapter Twenty Six – Anita wakes up a vampire with CPR. No, don’t laugh.

Chapter Twenty Seven – Mother issues.

Chapter Twenty Eight – Raisin corpse.

Chapter Twenty Nine – More bad history.

Chapter Thirty – You know what awkward and inaccurate history leads to? Makeouts.

Chapter Thirty One – Consistency!

Chapter Thirty Two – What.

Chapter Thirty Three – Getting real tired of your bullshit Anita.

Chapter Thirty Four – Nooooo.

Chapter Thirty Five – Dress up time!

Chapter Thirty Six – Is it over?

Chapter Thirty Seven – Is it over?

Chapter Thirty Eight – Is it over?

Chapter Thirty Nine – Is it over?

Chapter Forty – Is it over?

Chapter Forty One – IT IS OVER.


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