Cecilia’s reviews of Halo

A story about angels who don’t do anything, with a syrupy sweet romance thrown in for good measure.

Recap – A recap of Chapters One to Eighteen

Chapter One – In which angels come to Earth and our heroine meets a guy

Chapter Two – In which they prepare for school and I talk about angel lore

Chapter Three – In which ALL THE STEREOTYPES!

Chapter Four – In which the Archangel Gabriel makes a risotto

Chapter Five – In which one of the angels actually helps someone, and I am freaked out

Chapter Six – In which the angels are antisocial

Chapter Seven – In which Bethany partays

Chapter Eight – In which angels know the best hangover cures. Also, a dog.

Chapter Nine – In which Bethany angsts.

Chapter Ten – In which everyone is shallow.

Chapter Eleven – In which sappiness occurs.

Chapter Twelve – In which something actually happens!

Chapter Thirteen – In which you must be Catholic or else

Chapter Fourteen – In which Bethany reveals herself and I crack slightly

Chapter Fifteen – In which God is a shipper

Chapter Sixteen – In which there is a dinner

Chapter Seventeen – In which there is FAIL

Chapter Eighteen – In which the new guy is totally not a villain, guys

Chapter Nineteen – In which we meet the family


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