Hey guys,

I know I’ve been away for a while. I can’t really go into specifics – it’s not something I really want to share on teh interwbs – but a member of my family is seriously ill. I don’t really have the emotional energy or time to blog about Anita right now.

Dottie x

All Quiet on the Dottie Front

Sorry that I’m been quiet for so long! This is a pretty busy week for me – I’m back at work, I have a bunch of freelance articles to finish before the end of the week, and this is the last week of prep before my play opens. This is a pretty manic week for me and I just can’t squeeze ranting about Anita Blake in!

I’ll be back as soon as I have time to post. That might be on the twelfth of never because my schedule is seriously bursting at the seams right now.

Another update

I’ll be back to posting full reviews tomorrow, but this is about the Dottiers… Smithers (ha!)… X-Men RP.

I think it’ll be done in googledocs for ease of editing (you will need a google account, or at least have access to one), and will probably be on a Saturday within the next few weeks. To send in character sheets and to discuss the excellent plotline RF has devised, contact me at realsnowwhite.jc@googlemail.com. (Note to anyone who might want to be creepy or weird, this is A email address of mine, not my personal one.)

We’ll all talk together, and start making some arrangements for this!!!



I’m going away for the weekend, so no posts for a wee bit.

But mainly I’m going to update about the RP. I’m guessing there’s going to be quite a few of us – at least five or six – so while I’m nowhere near to making formal arrangements, I thought I should set a few ground rules while I’m planning.

  • I’d really prefer the RP sessions to be held on a Saturday. Obvs, I’m in the UK and have to stay up for all your timezones! Saturday would be best for me, so I hope that’s okay.
  • Before we start, write up a character sheet. Name, bio, abilities, a short history, that sort of thing. It’ll mean all players know what’s what, and we’re not going in blind.
  • Canon will be fast and loose, a blend of the comics and the films. If you like a particular plot point, we’ll find a way to include it.
  • RF is setting up plots, but I’m going to ask that there is a defined starting point – that the characters have come together on the streets of New York, and are thinking of going on a journey together. As to what – well, that’s a set up for a character conflict.

Currently, I’m thinking a mixture of Skype and google docs will probably best, but please let me know what you think.

Dottie x

An X-Men RP?

You all know how much I love X-Men. And, from your comments, a lot of you Dottiers really love X-Men too. There have been ideas bounced around for a proper RP and I’d love to get involved in one. I love RPing and I’ve really wanted to get a Marvel RP group together for a while. I don’t know where it would be hosted or when it would start – I will use this opportunity to poke RF through the internet to ask for wisdom – but I hope this can get off the ground!




(That’s Dominique – on the right – and Fran├žoise, her daughter, on the left. Dominique lives a life of misery. Mwahaha.)

But, yeah, I’d like to see this get off the ground.