Where I’ve been

So this is the first post I’ve put on the site in nine months.

I probably have a lot of explaining to do.

Life got away from me, real bad. I didn’t have any time to blog – I was so busy setting up a life with my partner and putting my life back on track. My father’s death hit me big time and I had to remake myself from scratch again. I didn’t want to go into Anita Blake again because it puts me in an incredibly negative headspace. My mental health has to be my priority, always. I’ve been far too down in the pit to drop myself back in there again.

I started my teaching degree, which was very stressful, and I had a very tough experience at my first placement school. And I ended back up in the pit again; I caught a very serious illness in January and became really run down with Post Vital Fatigue Syndrome. And then I had a few problems with my health connected to that and spent most of February and March going back to doctors and hospitals again and again. I’m not going back to university until September or October.

My luck does officially suck.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever return to Anita Blake. I still have the books and I still like to laugh about them, but give me time. I have an idea for a project to take up my time, and I’m hoping to work on some actual writing stuff. I pretty much gave up writing while I was looking after Dad and after his death, so I want to get back to how I was.

Dottie x


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