A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter fourteen

I woke to early morning sunlight. It left me blinking and only after I could see through the warm dazzle of it, did I wonder, Where am I? and Why am I on the floor? Why was I naked on the floor? Without turning my head, I saw the chair legs and the little raised area that was my breakfast nook. Okay, I was on the floor of my own kitchen, naked. Why?

The lack of concern, panic, or fear is really telling, isn’t it? It’s because Anita is constantly falling unconscious and waking up in strange places. This is not a good thing. Anyway, Anita magically remembers what happened and then she looks around and, uh oh, Damian is laid out on the floor in the sunlight and this is bad because we might lose his richly nuanced character.

Damian is rolling around and screaming as if he was on fire, but he’s not. Oh, the melodrama. Nathaniel and Anita are trying to stop him screaming but to no avail. He just rolls around on the floor like a fish. He appears to have absolutely no survival instinct.

Then the front door bursts open which fills the kitchen with light because, somehow in this MAGIC HOUSE, the front door is connected to the kitchen.

Like, shouldn’t it be the back door? And you can’t say that the front door is off the kitchen, because I’m fairly sure that Anita’s come in through the front door before and not ended up in the kitchen. Is this a magic house? Is it some sort of home where if you walk in the front door you magically end up in the exact room you want to be in? Or is it that LKH is a lazy writer? YOU DECIDE.

Gregory, one of the wereleopards, comes in. Oh god I can’t remember which one this is, there are too many. Oh right the rapist with a conveniently tragic past to excuse his actions.

That sentence can be applied to literally 99.9% of the male characters in this book series. That is so fucking depressing.

This makes Damian run from the room, at last.

Nathaniel followed him in that faster-than-the-eye-can-see seed that shapeshifters have, and they’d both turned the corner before I got to it.

That has NEVER EVER COME UP IN THE BOOKS BEFORE NOW. How long have shapeshifters had magic running powers? Why has Anita, who has hunted down shapeshifters before now, not ever mentioned this? Why haven’t any shapeshifter killed in the series so far felt the need to use this little skill to get away? How come shapeshifters are subject to laws killing them on sight when they so obviously cannot be killed by human means – if they can just whizz away like Quicksilver?

You’re just making this up as you go along, aren’t you, LKH.

Why should people give a shit about your works when you so clearly couldn’t give a fuck?

In his panic, Damian had run up, not down, up into the part of the house where the vampires rarely went. Up into the part of the house where the drapes were open and the morning light streamed in. Shit.

Why are all your curtains open? Who’s been going around your house opening up the curtains? How do you know the curtains are open?

Also, I guess that Damian might die or something. Oh no. What a tragic thing. How will we ever recover from this great loss.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter fourteen

  1. To be honest, I’m pretty sure LKH mentioned the shifter speed thing early on. She just didn’t actually have the shifters use it because they all take stupid pills in the morning, or something. I can’t give you page numbers, I believe it was referenced in comparison to vampires who only look like they are moving at superspeed because they hypnotize you, and therithropes who legit move at those speeds, or something. But then why are vampires even a threat if they are so damn slow a bunch of ghouls (bk. 1) can take them out? And I’m betting ghouls are slower than shifters.

    Damien is such a dip.

    Magic House is Magic. OR, Magic House is actually that creepy poltergeist sex house from Buffy (S4) which explains, well, not everything but allot.

    • Honestly, I have no memory of the shapehifter running thing, so it might have been mentioned before – but so fleeting and so vague as to make it fall right out my head.

      Ah, a magic sex house… that hopefully eats the inhabitants? Like, by pushing them in cocoons and filling their head with fantasies so they don’t fight back?


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