A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter nine

The first time I saw when I hit the parking lot wasn’t any of the men, it was Ronnie.

Ah, yes, the sole female character Anita likes – who was made unpleasant and promptly shoved out of the books as soon as poss. She’s having a very intense argument with Louis Fane, her wererat boyfriend.

Ronnie had had problems with me dating a vampire, Jean-Claude in particular, but her main objection seemed to be the vampire part. At a time when I’d needed girl advice and a little sympathy, she’d offered only her outrage, and anger.

JC blackmailed you into dating him, stalked you, put you in danger, forced the vampire mark on you, and then, finally abused you at a time when you were emotionally vulnerable. I don’t think it’s the ‘vampire’ part that Ronnie dislikes.

Anita considers just going along and inserting herself into the argument, because –


Anita then turns around and heads back to the door leading out of the wedding reception, and all of her boytoys are waiting for her. Even though it was Nathaniel who ran out, and they should be talking to him? Oh yes, Anita am feel uncomfortable when we are not about her.

“Nathaniel says you didn’t want to dance with him,” Micah said.

WHO FUCKING CARES. What does it matter? Who the shit cares????

Anita didn’t want to play ‘kissy-face in front of cops’ because she is twelve years old. This hurts Nathaniel, as this meant Anita only kissed him because she had to, not because she wanted to.

This is supposed to be some gritty dark detective series, not some teen soap opera. I don’t care about the meaning of kisses!

Micah starts giving Anita shit, and she just wants to avoid a fight (so she’s not like that bitch Ronnie ammirite). She points out that the ardeur was rising, so she would have been forced to go out and feed it unwillingly. She would not want to have sex in the parking lot outside her friend’s wedding, which is a far thing to not want, and Nathaniel only accepts this reason under great sufferance.

Anyway, this means that the ardeur will be back later for Ardeur 2: Electric Boogaloo which will be very bad. Nathaniel is guilttripping Anita so badly that she’s obliged to touch him.

I am going to reach through time and space and punch out Nathaniel’s teeth.

Jason then gives Anita shot about how they had sex once and how badly he really needs to have sex with her again or his balls will turn blue and explode or something.

“I love the fact that I can make you blush now,” he said.

I love humiliating you! It makes me tingly all over in a sexual way!

I’d learned in the last few months that Jason used his teasing and laughter as a shield to hide a rather insightful intelligence that was sometimes so perceptive it was painful.

Since when has Jason ever shown the slightest hint of intelligence?

Jason then proceeds to make Anita feel bad for denying Nathaniel a true orgasm through penetrative sex. Because, obvs, Nathaniel is entitled to free access to her vagina.

Look, how Anita treats Nathaniel is disgusting, but NO ONE is entitled to your body as a ‘reward’. That’s not how it works. She has to be Nathaniel’s girlfriend because. BECAUSE. Jason also mentions that he told Nathaniel that Anita prefers a man to make decisions regarding sex for her.

I am going to fire you FROM A CANNON INTO THE SUN JASON.

Anita thinks that Nathaniel should not base his life on her, which is fair.

“[All this] is not a life decision. I meant like a career choice, maybe go back to college.”

“He’s got a job, Anita, and he makes better money as a stripper than most college graduates do.”

Yeah, that’s the point of having life experiences. Capitalism. Just keep on forcing women into things they don’t want to do, Jason. That shows what a great guy you are.

Anita tries to point out that she’s working on feeding on the ardeur from a distance and not require sex, but Jason pooh-poohs this, being the clear expert on the ardeur and everything.

Look, I could continue to tell you what exactly is happening, but it boils down to the same thing: Jason gaslighting Anita into accepting a situation she does not want and does not feel comfortable with. Because he’s a horrible person and a horrible character reflecting horrible opinions.

“Anita, you have two men who live with you. They both love you. They both want you. They both support your career. Between the two of them, they’re like your wife. There are people in this world who would kill to have what you have. And you’d just throw it all away.”













Also apparently LKH only sees relationships as having man/wife, man/object, trousers/skirts analogies. I bet she questions who’s the ‘guy’ in lesbian relationships.

“You needed a wife in that old 1950s sort of way.”

“Doesn’t everybody,” I said.

Yeah, who doesn’t want to be a woman in the 1950s? Who doesn’t want to get treated like shit and being treated as a societal inferior and forced to work 80+ hours a week in the home?

“Please, Anita, go home, and don’t freak. Just go home, and be happy. Be happy, and let everyone around you be happy. Is that so hard?”

Well, when you get gaslit by a friend to turn against what you initially wanted… then surely you can be truly happy!

This was a awful chapter. I’d never treat a friend like this. If this is what friendship and love is supposed to be, then I’m glad to be all wrong.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter nine

  1. A: who would invite Anita to their wedding?
    B: is everyone there just standing around watching Anita and her posse arguing?
    C: does Anita know any men who aren’t horrible people?
    D: aaaaaaargh

    • A: someone with no common sense.
      B: Anita & the gang are outside in the parking lot. I presume all the other guests are getting pissed.
      C: no.

  2. “I’d learned in the last few months that Jason used his teasing and laughter as a shield to hide a rather insightful intelligence that was sometimes so perceptive it was painful.”

    I really, really hate her Informed Attributes because she thinks she’s getting away with giving them personalities without ever having to show or develop said personalities, but actually all it does is DRAW ATTENTION TO LACK OF WHATEVER TRAIT SHE’S CLAIMING IS THERE

    • I have never read Jason do a single intelligent thing. It’d make more sense if it was hiding some sort of ‘I don’t care about anything because ANGST’ thing, but she has to give us these attributes so we can at least try to distinguish all these men apart.

  3. I found this page by trying to find out why Ronnie or Louie are even at the wedding, because as far as I know, neither of them knows anyone except Anita and her people and context clues make it seem like Anita didn’t invite them. Then I read your whole review collection of the first book, because your analysis pointed out so many things I’ve been missing. I’ve read the series 2 or 3 times now and I have not noticed most of these things. Incredible. I don’t completely agree with everything, but for the most part it could be matter of opinion and misunderstanding. Over all though, I’m glad I found this site and I’m entertained by your reviews. C:

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