A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter eight

Of course, my good intentions lasted about as long as it took to be escorted onto the dance floor. Then suddenly I was expected to dance.

Oh… no, that thing you volunteered for? That thing you wanted to do and have fun? Why do you hate fun?

No one is as merciless if you give them ammunition, no pun intended, as a bunch of policemen.

Well, that line… is really, really harsh considering how long term events and, uh, enfranchised opinions have recently been brought to attention involving the world’s police forces.

If I dance badly, I’d be teased.

Who gives a shit? It’s a wedding, and most people dance badly. Everyone’s going to have drunk a bit more than they should have, and they’ll be dancing just to have fun.

Have you seen drunk people dance? They don’t dance well! And who cares? Why the fuck are the police going to give a shit?

If I danced well, I’d be teased worse.


If they realized I was dancing well with a stripper, the teasing would be endless. If they realized I was dancing badly with a stripper, the jokes would be, well, bad. Either way you cut it, I was so screwed.


It was almost impossible to be awkward with Nathaniel as your partner. Maybe it was his day job, but he knew how to bring out the best in someone on the dance floor.

But don’t most strippers work on their own? (As in, doing a routine on their own.) Why would Nathaniel be able to make Anita look like she can dance? Plus, isn’t stripping a different artform from traditional dancing styles? Anyway, she’s so terrified that she’s actually having to cling bodily to Nathaniel because she’s a Strong Independent Woman. Nathaniel tells her to concentrate on his face then tells her in an awestruck voice YOU’RE REALLY DANCING ANITA YOU’RE DOING IT

Of course, once he pointed out that I’d been dancing, I stopped. It was like walking on water, if you thought about it, you couldn’t do it.

uh… is LKH casually implying that Anita is Jesus? Because Jesus could walk on water. People generally can’t, given that water isn’t that solid, and you just fall through and hit the bottom of the sea and drown.

Unless you mean like, water on the ground. But the same point still stands. Your metaphor makes no sense. And how difficult is it to vaguely sway to the beat of a song? Why must every single thing Anita does be used to make her seem like the MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER LOOK AT HER DO THIS IMPOSSIBLE THING. oh, right, that’s because she’s a sue.

And then she looks at him, he turns away, she is all I FEEL THE RHYTHM OF HIS BODY, and then they start making out. And guess what she has no control of the ardeur WHADDAYAKNOW

I could not fight the ardeur and Nathaniel, not at the same time.

‘Fight’ Nathaniel? What? Oh, is it that trope where a woman is unsure about a kiss, so the man grabs her and forces a kiss on her, then she just melts in his arms because sexual assault is just the most romantic thing everrrr?

I hate that trope.

I saw what he wanted. I felt it. Felt his frustration. Months of being good. Of behaving himself, of not pushing his advantage.

Um, yeah, men should be rewarded for not giving in and just raping everyone around them. Apparently, women should just open their legs and reward all men for the high price of behaving like a reasonable person.

I suddenly felt his body again, even though we’d stood feet apart. He was so hard and firm and aching. Aching, because I’d denied him release. Denied him release for months.

Um, he’s not automatically allowed access to your body. That’s not how it works. If Anita doesn’t want to have sex with him, then Nathaniel has to lump it, because he doesn’t get sex just because he feels that he’s ‘earned it’ or he has a ‘right’ to it.

Anita does address that she’s been treating him like a ‘object’ but… well, Nathaniel’s such a fucking skeeveball, demanding payback for the wonderful fact that he hasn’t raped her yet that I can’t care about his needs. His ‘needs’ because he can’t use his big people words and talk about his feelings with Anita.

He then starts crying because Anita won’t let him just fuck her on the dance floor or something. It seems fake – he’s probably just upset that he hasn’t made her skin into a pair of shoes yet. And then he runs from the room.

This wedding is lasting soooooooooooo long


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter eight

  1. Anita is one of those people who would actually be HAPPIER if she realized everyone isn’t totally obsessed with her, then she wouldn’t be so self-conscious about totally stupid shit like this. No one thinks like this unless they’re an egomaniac or have an anxiety disorder, and I think it’s clear what she is.

    Ugggh, I hate this creepy sexist shit. And wow, Nathaniel, at least Anita was only THINKING about everything revolving around her at someone else’s wedding, you actually went and MADE it about you with that ridic running from the room. These people are terrible. Even though I get numb to the rape and murder sometimes, the sheer RUDENESS always still pisses me off.

    • Everyone else in the room must be very confused – well, those that haven’t been imbibing the free drinks with enthusiasm. I don’t think anyone else would care.

      I don’t like Nathaniel’s shitty entitled attitude. The only reason he’s in Anita’s life is because he moved in and forced her to look after him – forced her to be his ‘mother’, really. She has to mother him.

      This shit gets more disturbing the more you look at it.

  2. “If they realized I was dancing well with a stripper, the teasing would be endless. If they realized I was dancing badly with a stripper, the jokes would be, well, bad. Either way you cut it, I was so screwed.”

    Oh no, how horrible! They might – *gasp* – make fun of you! You know, like friends do. All the time. Because that’s how friends sometimes act.

    “Plus, isn’t stripping a different art form from traditional dancing styles?”

    Yeah, but LKH doesn’t seem to know or understand that (see also: Danse Macabre and Dancing). She seems to think that all forms of dance are essentially the same, and skill in one is entirely applicable to all others.

    “Um, yeah, men should be rewarded for not giving in and just raping everyone around them.”

    Recently, I’ve been reading The Warded Man (The Painted Man in the UK) by Peter V. Brett, and despite being pretty grim-dark at times, it *still* has a better example of a female character asserting control over her own sexual activity. Hell, it even briefly addresses the hypocrisy of how promiscuity is treated differently depending on whether it’s a man or a woman.

  3. Ffs does no one masturbate in these books??? If ‘getting release’ is so important, they should just go for a little alone time and all would be well! Even if they weren’t all that aware of it before, you’d think they would be pretty hip to masturbation after being around all these sex vamps. I bet you it’s some bullshit like masturbation is a sign of weakness for them because it means they don’t have the skill to get someone to take care of their problem for them (though it’s probably ’cause these assholes are so lazy they can’t even do THAT for themselves).

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