A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter six

We ended up standing at the far side of the parking lot, where trees grew in a tall, thin line.

Did you dance all the way there? Did you dance out of the reception into the parking lot?

Micah’s hair streamed around his face, like a thick, dark cloud. He’d taken off his glasses, and the streetlights made his eyes very yellow, even with the green shirt on, as if they reflected differently than they should have, or would have, if they’d been human eyes.

Um, aren’t you always going on about how Micah has cat eyes? Which do react to light differently than human eyes?

Anita wants to walk with the wind – are you going to fucking paint with the colours of the wind or something – and Micah is ready to reveal why his nose healing is such a big thing.

Can you hear how much I don’t care about these non-emotions? None of this is emotionally resonant to me, especially rn. I don’t care about your bullshit made-up backstory Micah.

Anyway, Micah reveals that he has long hair because Chimera (yeah, remember that villain that amounted to nothing in the text of Narcissus in Chains but was actually important) made certain members of the pard have long hair to show that they were ‘weak’ for not participating on torture. They would then be gang raped.

  • Merle was also a victim of this, but Caleb enjoyed inflicting rape and pain immensely. Anita has no opinion on this in regards to Caleb because she is a horrible person.
  • In Narcissus in Chains, it’s implied that this was what happened to the female members of the group. I guess that these women no longer exist because then their suffering would be in ‘competition’ with Micah’s pain.
  • Anita forces Micah to have long hair. In return, Micah forces Anita to have long hair. In light of this revelation, that got EVEN WORSE AS A DYNAMIC. GAH.
  • Your immediate response to meeting Anita was to sexually assault her, Micah. I’m not going to let this go.
  • I still think that Micah is a huge fucking liar that moves around the country using and abusing women.
  • LKH is STILL using rape as drama when she has no need to.
  • Bisexual people are still evil, I see.

Micah tries to blame this all on Narcissus having mental health issues. Yeah, okay. Thanks for that.

“Part of him was the ultimate male bully, and that part raped women. Part of him was gay, and the two parts hated each other.”

  • Gay men can still hate women. Gayness doesn’t erase misogyny.
  • No, homophobia is not caused by people being repressed about their sexuality and having to lash out. That is an incredibly offensive and backwards idea. It’s a fucking stupid way of looking at prejudice.

Anyway, because Micah was totes the best, Chimera wanted him for a partner in life, but Micah refused to rape and torture people –


– so Chimera kept beating him and then ate his nose. When it grew back, Chimera broke it again –

you know, I wonder why Anita can only be surrounded by ‘broken’ and damaged men. Is it because she can keep them damaged and abuse them, oh yes it is because she’s a horrible person.

Micah then has a breakdown because he wasn’t man enough to save his people he had to rely on Anita. She holds him and it’s a Moment, because this was a perfect moment to have at someone else’s wedding.

This chapter was… um, well, full of awkwardly shoe-horned in backstory designed to make us feel sorry for the character after what happened in NiC. From a meta writer’s perspective, I’m not sure that it works. It feels very out of place and contradicts what has already stated to have happened, insomuch that was said in NiC. In terms of Micah as a person… look I still think he’s a horribly manipulative liar.



this was unpleasant


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