So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

It was my Dad’s funeral yesterday. It felt like closure, in part, but I still think that I’m going to get a text from him at any minute, complaining about something, telling me about his day, wanting to make sure I’m okay. I miss his hugs.

He was helped in the end by a local charity called Treetops Hospice. I’m hoping to do some fund-raising for them in the future – when I’m in a better head space – but I’ll post a link in case anyone would like to make any donations. My Dad wanted people to donate money to them in his memory, so I’ll pimp the link as much as I can. They’re great people, they really made things so much better for him.

I’ll hopefully get back to posting properly soon.

Dottie x

2 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

  1. I’ve been obsessively checking here for a new post. But not for a review update, for a Dottie update. Thanks for posting even though it’s probably very difficult to think about. I’ve been worried and I’m glad you’re coping alright

    • I’m plodding along in real life. It’s hard to accept what’s happened, but Dad isn’t suffering any more and is at peace. I’m – for lack of a better word – glad that he doesn’t have to feel any more pain.

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