A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Incubus Dreams’ chapter three

Staring down at the dead woman, it was impossible to be glad. Guilty, maybe, but not glad. Guilty that even for a second I’d found the idea of someone’s death an escape from an uncomfortable social situation. I wasn’t a child. Surely, to God, I could have handled to Jessica Arnet and her questions without hiding behind a murder.

What – is this character growth?


I’m honestly shocked and I don’t think it’ll go anywhere. I’m so glad that for a bright shining second Anita acknowledge that she is a selfish brat.

The body was a pale glimpse of flesh between two Dumpsters in the parkling lot. […] They’d stuffed the body behind the Dumpsters to hide it, then the black wool coat had been opened around her almost naked body, so that you caught that gleam of pale flesh in the bright halogen lights of the parking lot. Why hide her, then do something to draw such attention to her? It made no sense.

Because serial killers often like attention to be drawn to what they’re doing? I don’t know why it doesn’t appear to make sense Anita, but you’re not a police officer so it’s not your job to give a shit.

I stood there, tugging my leather jacket around me. It wasn’t that cold. Cold enough for the jacket, but not enough to put the lining in it. I had my hands plunged into the pockets, the zipper all the way up, my shoulders hunched. But leather couldn’t help against the cold I was fighting.

Oh, shut up Anita. Also, since when has Anita Blake been a leather jacket kind of girl? I have a leather jacket, a great OI punk jacket inherited from a family friend, but Anita Blake… dresses like someone who doesn’t give a single shit about clothes. That’s a weird criticism from me, because I don’t either, but I at least have a sense of personal style? Anita doesn’t and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. She has a job to do and she’s like, eh, what the fuck, I don’t care.

It’s Merry Gentry and LKH herself who would turn up somewhere in a bitchin’ leather jacket, not Anita.

Anita looks at the body, and the woman is smaller than people thought she was, as the woman doesn’t have any height when she’s lying down.

Who’da thought that people don’t have a height when their bodies are lying down?

The dead woman has vampire bites, which have delicate little thin trickles of blood, as LKH has never seen anyone take a bite out of anything. Dolph arrives looking like Hulk Hogan (BECAUSE HE IS HULK HOGAN) and he has really short hair because… blah blah blah bullshit I don’t care about.

I nodded at the uniformed policeman whose only job seemed to be watching the body and making sure it didn’t get messed with by anyone that wasn’t allowed to touch it.

Yeah… so the evidence doesn’t get contaminated. Why are you still finding this concept so hard to understand? Anita thinks that this junior policeman might think the body could rise as a vampire, but it won’t because vague reasons, and she considers whether there’s another rogue master vampire. We get a bit of continuity porn as she mentions Mr Oliver and how she killed him.

Oliver was well and truly dead. I could guarantee it. Which meant we had a new group of nuts on our hands, and they could have an entirely new motive for killing. Hell, maybe it was personal. Vampires were legal citizens now, which meant they could have grudges just like humans.

Anita mentions how she and Dolph don’t get along that well, and that cops are whispering because he threw her around in the last book, and then he goes all sour and says ‘I don’t like you being here’.

Then phone someone else.

Dolph thinks that as it’s a vamp kill, then most likely it’s someone connected to JC. Anita retorts that it might not be – which, by the way, admits to a member of the police force that the Master of the City has no real power of control, way to go Anita – and Dolph goes off on how she’s just defending her two vampire boyfriends.

Hey, Dolph? She just admitted that JC has no power or control.

Anita says that it might be vampires from the Church of Eternal Life. If it was any of JC’s vamps, he’d have killed them by now.

“You’re admitting that your boyfriend is a murderer?”

After all, if vamps are legal citizens, JC can’t act as a traditional Master of the City because… that’s super freaking illegal.

“You know, Dolph, this is getting old. Yeah, I’m fucking a vampire or two, get over it.”

You just told the head of RPIT that your vampire squeeze is running around committing crimes all over town. You’re not all that smart, are you?

Anita says it must be more than one vampire and Dolph is very confused. She says that there’s no blood anywhere, so clearly there’s got to be a few vamps in action here.

“Two vamps couldn’t drain an adult human being without leaving a mess. They’d need more mouths to hold that much blood.”

I… you are not very good with words.

Dolph suggests that the dead woman might not be connected to the strip club but Anita points out that a) the woman is wearing nothing but a coat and b) she’s wearing plastic stilettos. Dolph grinds his teeth and confirms the dead woman is one Charlene Morresey, one of the strippers from the club. She went out to get some air, and there’s no struggle, so Charlene either knew her attackers or was mind controlled.

He’s got it step up so that Anita can examine the body which means he trusts her a bit, but he’ll probably never trust her fully again.

Anita, who would trust you? I wouldn’t trust you with a plastic plant.



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