Dottie Recommends: Life Is Strange

It’s been a while since I’ve enlightened you all with something I truly love, and this time round, it’s a video game. I think this is the first video game I’ve recommended – I wouldn’t really classify myself as a gamer, but I do love me some immersive story telling and the chance to run around destroying things.

Life Is Strange does not allow you to run around destroying things, but it is one of the finest and most interesting games I have ever played. You play as Max, a girl in a private high school in Oregon, who suddenly discovers that she has the power to rewind through time. Her town is a hub of mysteries and eerie feeling – not unlike the Maine found in Stephen King’s works – with missing girls, dying animals, and visions of tornadoes ripping through town…

The choices you make as Max have drastic in-game consequences, making this one of the most interesting and sometimes incredibly stressful (when you have to save lives) games I have ever had the pleasure to play. How you interact with the people around you impacts on the game play itself in a way I have rarely seen anywhere else. The game is laden with meaning and second guessing and tiny clues, making it a fascinating world that is both beautiful and really creepy. It’s also one of the greatest games I have ever seen for women – most of the characters are young women, and they all have great, fully developed personalities, and are not exploited or presented in the usual way I’ve come to expect from any mainstream video game.

The first three episodes are out, and the next two are due to be out sometime soon. You need to check this game out – it’s utterly fantastic.


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