A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty nine

I met Richard at his house. We sat at the kitchen table where we’d sat so many weekend mornings. He drank tea. I sipped coffee. He wouldn’t meet my eyes, and I didn’t know what to say.

There are three chapters left.

Like, did LKH take classes in how to destroy mood and tension? You’re hunting a mass-murdering violent serial killer who can scale buildings with his magic skin shredding claws – and you’re having A FUCKING TEA BREAK? WHAT THE SHIT?

Anita thinks about how she has to be very careful around Richard because ‘it didn’t take much to offend him’. Yeah, well, rape victims are often offended by the continuing presence of their rapist in their lives. As a general rule.

Actually, he’s really upset because Anita is being fed on.

“I don’t understand how you could let them feed off of you, Anita.” He finally looked up and his perfectly brown eyes were filled with a pain and confusion, so raw, that it hurt me to look at them.

I have literally no idea why he feels like this. He reiterates that he will not be fed on – HA, like Anita is going to listen to that – and she brings up Van Anders. She needs a wolf or two to ‘keep other women from dying’ – snort, like Anita cares about other women – and Richard gets all pissy about helping out.

Richard Zeeman: gets constantly called a bleeding heart liberal, we’re constantly told that he’s too soft and caring and wants to nourish all the creatures of the world all the time, and yet he can’t see the point in helping to apprehend a dangerous serial killer.

Characterisation – it’s pretty fucking important in writing. Like, really important.

Anita rubs crime scene photos in his face, and he says she can have whoever she wants. He also claims she could have just asked, although NOT A PAGE AGO he claimed to not understand why his wolves should even be helping. He then gets hunger-turned on by the pictures and then proclaims that he is no longer suicidal.

Oh, right, I’d forgotten that plotline. Where long hair means you’re suicidal.

In light of what has been happening in my life recently, I find this line of bullshit personally fucking offensive.

They then make promises to talk to each other some more and to not fight. Like any of us believe that. Richard is Anita’s favourite punching bag of choice.

What was a little emotional desolation between friends compared to getting Van Anders off the streets?

Except that you haven’t given a single shit about catching Van Anders until the very end of the book? Why weren’t you catching him instead of subjecting us to that vampire politics horseshit?


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty nine

  1. When I read this the first time, I was waiting for the reveal that Musette was responsible for Van Anders. Once I remembered who he was. I was hoping for some ‘vampires are manipulating serial killers to discredit Anita as a Federal Marshal’ plot. I was so naive back then.

    In other news, I got a hair cut. My hair used to be long enough to braid, and now I can’t even put it in a ponytail. Believe it or not, I’m not self-hating, depressed or suicidal. Anita Blake has lied to me.

      • God, that whole “short hair = self harm = suicidal” is just so stupid. Because there aren’t any number of reasons for Richard to have to cut his own hair. Like, say, not wanting opponents in the fights he’s regularly forced to take part in grabbing it and using it for leverage. But no, LKH thinks long hair is sexy, so all the boitois have to have long hair, even when it’s utterly impractical.

      • Well, since he works at Seckman, I know for a fact that there is no hair length requirements. We had a long haired teacher there, but that doesn’t excuse all the other issues.

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