A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty eight

I’m going to be honest – I’ve been slowly working on this post for like, three days? Not because it’s a tricky chapter with some amazing thrills. Because it’s just so dull and I’m so uninvested.

I’d seen enough of Van Anders’s handiwork to be prepared for the worst. What I saw in the hallway wasn’t even close to his worst.

Whatever. LKH can’t write effective gore to save her life and can’t create any tension. There’s a little bit of blood because somehow a crazed werewolf took down a SWAT team without making a lake of gore.

It was nearly wall-to-wall people like at a party, except that every face was grim, or shocked, or angry. No one was having a good time.

No shit.

There’s a page of Anita trying to find Zerbrowski. Thrilling. Anyway, Anita has to school people on how powerful shapeshifters can have claws, and I’m like why the hell isn’t this shit commonplace knowledge seeing that shapeshifters have been around since the dawn of time.

Plus all this means that Anita officially knows more about supernatural shit than the experts at the FBI.



People have been yelling at Zerbrowski because apparently he didn’t warn people that they were looking for a shapeshifter? Van Anders was just so super nice when they came to arrest him that everyone forget exactly who they were taking in.

“Van Anders stabbed Meyer. When the claws shot out his fingertips, he used them like knives.”

“Apparently Kevlar doesn’t stop lycanthrope claws,” Zerbrowski said.

“Kevlar isn’t made to stop a stabbing attack,” I said, “the claws acted like blades.”

Except that a wolf doesn’t have sharp claws? They’re there to help the wolf run and grip the ground? They’re not used like cat claws? But I guess I don’t know enough about biology. There’s a big hole in the window as Van Anders  threw himself out and climbed up the building, like King Kong. Those wolves, so well known for their ability to climb up buildings.

There were holes in the side of the building, all the way up, as far as my eyes could follow. Small holes at regular intervals.

“I saw the holes, but what are they?”

“Van Anders did a Spiderman on them. The sniper and observer were set up on the opposite side of the building. There was nothing they could do.”

I felt my eyes go wide. “You mean the holes are where he shoved his hands into the building, and climbed up?”


Yeah, of course, whatever. Anita gets a call from the chief of police and she’s been tasked to kill Van Anders. I guess all those crimes he committed in Europe will go completely unpunished, but at least this is an excuse to talk to Richard, as whether he likes it or not he’ll be tracking Van Anders for her.

Van Anders might have climbed up, but he had to come down somewhere.

That’s generally how things work.

People then shout at Zerbrowski and Anita off-screen because fear. Whatever.


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