A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty six

Spoiler alert: Anita is an asshole.

Detective O’Brien has brought in the ridiculous Aryan German terrorist to question on the charges of, you know, being a known fucking terrorist wanted all over Europe. This makes Anita&co really angry because, obviously, Anita should be questioning him.

  • She’s not a cop.
  • Um, like, this is America post 9/11. Shouldn’t everyone be more concerned about terrorism? You’d think someone seriously high up in the government would turn up to deal with this.
  • Anita has jurisdiction because this is a preternatural crime – although this is based on Dolph being an asshole and Jason contaminating a crime scene.

‘Ah,” I said, and felt myself smiling. I couldn’t help it. “But that was when Heinrick was a suspected terrorist, and guilty of nothing more than illegal weapons violations, very mundane stuff.

Yeah, this is a white power terrorist wanted for murder and terrorism across europe. so fucking mundane you guys

And nothing that my federal marshal status puts under my jurisdiction. As you pointed out earlier I‘m not a regular federal marshal. My jurisdiction is very narrow. I have no legal status on nonpreternatural crimes, but on preternatural crimes I have jurisdiction all across this country. I don’t have to wait to be invited in.” I know I looked smug when I finished, but I just couldn’t seem to help myself. O’Brien was being pissy, and pissiness should be punished.


Anyway, they shove the crime scene pictures in O’Brien’s face, and she gets all swoony for she is a weak and feeble female, and then she reveals the real reason she’s so antagonistic towards Anita.

“You’re just so damned photogenic.”

Yeah, it’s petty female jealousy. Not justified anger that Anita is a fucked up awful person. It’s just that Anita is soooo amazing that all the women are totes insta jealous. Anyway, Anita is going to break the case because it’s just so awful and she’s going to solve it because the plot says so not because of any discernible skill on behalf of author or avatar.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty six

  1. Right a professional woman who knows her job is jealous of Anita because she’s purty, not annoyed because Anita is an enormous fuck-up who is going to make her job 100% harder. All women care about is who the prettiest is, because we’re all still in middle school.

    • I read it as her saying ‘stop flaunting for the cameras with your vampire mob boss boyfriend, making it harder for any of us to be taken seriously, and catch some criminals’.

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