A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty one

JC and Anita kneel next to Asher and start touching him. This makes him a lot better through *~magic*~.

who cares at this point

In a dim part of my brain I realized that Asher hadn’t been using vampire powers on me. That whatever I’d felt before this had been real. Because this was unreal. I’d never felt for anyone like this, because it wasn’t love, or even lust, it was obsession. It was the sure knowledge that if I did not touch him I would die.

Name one thing you two have in common other than enjoying raping people.

Anita just lies on top of Asher and it’s all so ‘erotic and beautiful’. Yeah, lying on top of a dessicated corpse is so hawt you guise. Asher uses POWER on Anita, despite the fact that, oh yes, she’s immune to vampire powers. But who cares, this is a totally romantic and touching and sexay moment. Because SHUT UP I SAID IT WAS.

It wasn’t that I didn’t drown, it was that I didn’t care that I drowned.

What the fuck does that even mean

I woke, if waking was the term, with his body pressing me to the hard stone floor.

Anyway, Asher is fine again. So much for consequences. JC throws this in BM/Musette’s face for reasons, but she’s not impressed. Asher can only take energy from those he’s fed on, so this means that ‘love-besotted fools’ would be following them around everywhere. JC says that his gang will murder all of Musette’s crew unless they’re gone by tomorrow. And BM can’t do a thing because of bullshit vampire laws.

BM counters that the MOAD, who is the head of the vampire council, may allow her vengeance. This makes no sense because the MOAD pre-dates the vampire council and I thought the head was the Queen of Nightmares? Like, LKH, don’t write a series if you can’t be bothered to at least put in a modicum of effort.

“The Mother has been asleep a very long time, Anita, when that sleep ends she may retire from the council.”

I laughed, but it wasn’t joyous now. “Retire! Vampires don’t retire. They die, but they never retire.”

I guess vampires aren’t allowed to change or grow as people. Just like every single character in this series.

This clearly means that BM is going to kill the MOAD and take over the council. I bet the political manoeuvring in ASOIAF confuses the hell out of LKH because she can’t write politics for shit. BM then declares she will leave but Valentina and Bartolome want to say sorry for all those bad things they did that I can’t remember and can’t care less about.

Seriously this is just licking Anita’s hairy ass at this point, it’s pointless. There’s no progression of plot or character.

The wolves then take BM and random vampires away and then Anita feels bad that child vampires exist. It’s straight the fuck out of nowhere, because Anita doesn’t consider other people important and it feels really inconsistent to shove it at the end of the chapter.

What happened to the terrorists and the Mafia guy?


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