A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter fifty

Belle knelt over Asher, her head lowered as if she were kissing him. But she held herself off his body, one hand on the floor, the other against the wall. The kiss looked so intimate, but she went to great pains not to touch him more than she had to. An intimate act ruined.

jesus fucking christ who cares

Anita is shielding despite not being good at it, and then opens the shield and tastes kissing and flames and faints. She is then surprised that, OMFG, Belle is not here!

Well, no shit, she’s not here. She’s possessing someone else. Anyway, BM is trying to tie Asher to her and Anita throws her across the room.

She finally stood on her own, but with nothing near to grab onto, and an old-fashioned corset on, graceful it was not.

Good sentence structure, it was not. Asher is lying there, all drained and stuff, and BM taunts that blood will save him but only BM’s power will save him. He’s forever alone so he will die, ahahahaha!

The note of satisfaction slid into cruelty without blinking an eye.

Are we talking about BM or Anita here?

Richard protests that Asher being skeletal can’t be worse than being tied to BM so Anita throws Raina raping Richard in his face to make him understand. Everyone stands around and stares blankly. Anita falls to her knees, full of woe, touching Asher’s face. She then collapses on top of his body and starts writhing and grinding against his body because… um, because. This means that she has now fed him? I don’t know? I have literally no idea what is happening and why it won’t stop.

It seems that Asher has magically and conveniently gained a new power. Goodie.

Richard then brings up his rape by Anita.

“The last time we talked about this, you had the same rule I had. No one feeds off of you.”

Fuck this shit. Stop trying to make that okay. It’s not okay. Anita says OH BUT I MUST SAVE HIM and Richard is all BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN and Anita is all MY DELICATE FLOWER PETALS OF LOVE HAVE BEEN PIERCED BY HIS STICK OF LUST EXCEPT NOT REALLY FOR I AM NOT A SLUT and Richard is HAVE YOU BEEN GIVING HIM BLOOD? THIS IS A MOST TERRIBLE OFFENCE AGAINST ME. Anita admits that Asher belongs to her and JC. Richard is horrified and everyone has forgotten that BM is right there, and there’s a whole bunch of people just standing around and staring at everything.

Anyway, now JC and Anita are going to heal Asher. Despite the fact that Anita already has displayed the ability and power to heal vampires.



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