A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter forty seven

At this point, the werewolves show up. And of course, that means the flow and pace of the story has draw completely to a stop because we have to know what they’re wearing.

Jason walked in smiling in his black over-the-knee boots, but there was something in his eyes, some small warning that I couldn’t decipher. I’d expected to see him wearing makeup like Micah and Nathaniel, but he wasn’t. None of the male wolves were.


Richard came into sight, easy to spot above the sea of black leather that was his pack. I knew that he had butchered his hair, but I hadn’t really grasped how much until I saw him. I’m sure the hairstylist had done his or her best, but there was only so much they could do. They’d had to buzz his hair back to less than an inch of medium brown. It seemed darker this short, missing the gold and red highlights.

He was wearing a black tux with a shirt of deep, rich blue and a matching blue tie. With the new haircut, and the more conservative clothes he looked – out of place.

No once cares.

His eyes met mine, and the shock of how handsome he was still sent a thrill through me from head to toes. Without the hair to distract, you couldn’t pretend that the cheekbones weren’t knife-edge perfect, the dimple in his chin didn’t soften the strong masculinity of his face. His shoulders were broad, his waits not slender, but small. Nothing about Richard was slender. He was built more like a football player than a dancer.

oh my god shut up

She doesn’t shut up. She goes on for another page or so about how Jamil, Shang-Da, and Jason look.

  • Jamil is dressed in leather straps. LKH notes how very very very black he is.
  • Shang-Da is also wearing leather. He apparently hates Anita. She goes on about how tall he is compared to all those other runty Chinese people.
  • Jason is swaying around like a stripper, because, obviously, strippers just go around being strippers 24/7 of the time.

Jason has come with a dire warning that, uh oh, Richard has a backbone! You see, he wants to take the wolves away from JC.

oh no what a calamity whatever shall we do

The action is further paused because Shang-Da has to growl and remind Jason that he doesn’t have two masters. I wonder what Musette/BM are thinking while they’re just standing there watching this happen in the middle of a supposed takedown. This continues with loud declarations of how this shouldn’t happen here, there are enemies, and how Richard has beaten Sylvie up really badly. Jason then starts making out with the back of Anita’s neck.

boring sleep

Why? Have you no control over your penis?

“What is it with you, Anita? Does everyone want to fuck you?” It was Richard. When he was really angry he could be more hateful than anyone I’d ever dated. The fact that he said the word fuck told me exactly how nasty he was going to be tonight.

A curse word? Let me clutch my pearls.

This starts everyone arguing over whether Jason will go to the wolves or be with Anita tonight. HELLO? PLOT? WHERE ARE YOU? I’m looking high and low and I can’t find you…

Richard says that Anita should help the new werewolves control their beasts through sex, hur, hur.

It was too ridiculous that he was fighting like this in front of Musette and her people. It was beyond ridiculous, it was foolish.

Use your words Anita. Tell him that you find this inappropriate and that you don’t appreciate Jason slobbering all over the back of your neck.

She does say that they should talk about this later, so Richard demands that Anita stand with her pack. She finds this incredibly offensive for reasons that are entirely beyond any comprehension. Gregory isn’t permitted to sit with them, for reasons, and this means Richard is being crrrrrroooooooooooeeeeeeeeellllllll. She calls him cruel, he calls her cruel back, and she starts weeping about how she’s ‘strong and pragmatic, not cruel’.

Yeah. Yeah. That guy you tortured will back you up on that ‘not-cruel’ front.

“Cruel is saying that I’m Bolverk because you don’t have the balls to be.”

Yeah, the fact that Richard is trying to get away from your toxic influence means that he’s a weak loser. She then is terrified that he’s going to hit her.

Well, that came out of nowhere. So, naturally, she steps forward. And she keeps walking forward to prove a point. He stares at her tits, and there’s a page of how angry they are at each other. Musette glides in, all non-BMy now, and is attracted to this raging sexual chemistry (snort). Richard refuses to talk to Musette until pack business has been dealt with. She laughs about how scared Richard is and how she’s going to torture Asher, ahahahaha.

Richard asks what’s happening and Anita says that it’s ‘trouble’. Nice, concise, and says nothing about the situation. Richard puffs up and declares I AM ULFRIC as if that was in any doubt or discussion.

“I’m either Ulfric, or I’m not, Anita. I’m either master or slave, I can’t be both.”

“Yeah, actually, you can.”

Well. That’s some… novel form of problem solving. YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM. Richard then doesn’t understand how metaphysical magic might be a problem.

… dude, you were having your life sucked out of you. In this book.

I realized in that moment that Richard was still living in that other world. The world where people played fair and horrible things never really happened. It must have been a peaceful place to live, the planet that people like Richard called home. I’d always admired the view, but I’d never lived there. The trouble was that Richard didn’t live there either.

Bite me, precious dark delicate flower.

Someone starts screaming now and it’s bad because Richard is um doing nothing. While no one is doing anything. So that clearly means he is pure evil.


7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter forty seven

  1. Oh my God, Richard, stop trying to have a normal life. How dare you.

    He is a science teacher. Why does everyone seem to assume that becoming Ulfric will teach him anything about being a leader, or managing large groups of people, or politics, or international diplomacy? Is he just supposed to magically know these things because he’s a werewolf?

    I want to read the story where the werewolf with the most ~power~ takes over the pack and makes a complete hash of it, because ~power~ doesn’t actually help you lead at all. And then the smart, sensible werewolf with hardly any ~power~ steps in and takes charge, because she knows what she’s doing.

    • Gail Carriger’s werewolves have something like that going on. Yes, the Alpha is technically in charge, but it’s the pack’s Beta who runs things on a daily basis. Which is good, as the only thing that makes Alphas special is that they’re the ones who can make more werewolves. And they tend to go crazy after a while.

  2. You know, long time ago was this book that made me realize that LKH totes self insert in this history, the proof? Richard is based in her husband and when he divorce her… Well she made him “bad” because is a take that to her willful weak ex husband I know so shocking nom?

  3. Oh god, a lot to catch up on, but in relevance to race issues in the last couple of posts…

    Black is sometimes capitalized in the US, yes, though I’ve actually only ever seen it from black/Black rights activists, making it…odd from LKH.

    Yeah, the fact that black people (and black people *specifically* among POC) can’t be vampires is very much problematic, because vampires are supposed to be, within this series, the embodiments of beauty and aristocracy and wealth, all of which are things that black people have been historically blocked and excluded from. It gets worse when you factor in that they can be wereanimals just fine, since black people have also historically been associated with animals and animalistic behavior and even actually *considered* to be more animal than human. Likewise, the belief that they’re uncontrollable, the “angry black person” stereotype, the belief in the “dirty black Jezebel whore” and the dangerous lust of the black male rapist, and then you’ve got the fact that wereanimals actually *are* uncontrollable and dangerous, especially when angry or aroused. I get that LKH is deliberately trying to push a “monsters as minorities” metaphor, but you don’t do that by MAKING ALL THESE HORRIBLE BELIEFS ACTUALLY BE *CORRECT* IN-UNIVERSE!

    Also, ever notice how all POC vampires period are evil/bad? Meng Die, Padma, Kissa, Alejandro, Red Woman’s Husband, Obsidian Butterfly, am I missing anyone? Jade’s former eeevil abusive vampire master is strongly implied to be POC, probably black, as well. So even when POC do get to be one of the vampires, they still have to be evil and usually get killed.

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