A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter thirty eight

I opened the Jeep and heard my cell phone ringing. I kept leaving it in the car, forgetting I had it. I slid onto the warm leather of the seats, fumbling for the phone from under the seat, even as I closed the door behind me. Yeah, it would have been cooler with the door open, but I didn’t want my legs hanging out the open door while I lay across the seat. Not because bad guys were after me, just normal girl paranoia.

It’s… hot? And ‘normal girl paranoia’ means my legs can’t stick out of things? I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I don’t understand how LKH can’t sound like a person who lives on this planet.

It’s JC, and he’s phoning to tell her that Jason has been taken into police custody.

They’re questioning him in relation to the murder scene that Anita dragged him to and made him contaminate. Oh, no, sad trombone, looks like your actions have consequences. JC then bothers to ask his girlfriend what happened after Asher ripped a chunk of her throat out. She says that she was a bit ill, and JC is so unconcerned that he returns to talking about Jason. He was taken away in restraints, wise for taking werewolves into custody, and JC is worried. He thinks that the police might be prejudiced against werewolves, considering that for ten or so books we’ve been told that they are hated by all of society.

“The law applies to everyone, Jean-Claude, that’s the way the system works.”

Really? Really?

“You are not usually so naive, ma petite.”

“If the law doesn’t apply even to everybody, then it doesn’t work at all.”

REALLY? Anita, the law has never applied to you, so shut up. Anyway, she’s going off to rescue Jason. The phone call ends and she worries that ‘the mess with Asher’ might split her and JC up. Oh, no. Then she wishes she had a different life.



5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter thirty eight

  1. I assume her ‘normal girl paranoia’ is actually ‘normal anita paranoia’ linking everything to sex and assuming if she bends over rapists are going to appear and start oogling her ass.

    I actually hate the paragraph because it makes no physical sense to me. Is the phone under the backseat? Why does she keep her phone where she can’t reach it? Or is it under the driver seat, which makes more sense, but then how does she manage to close the door without crushing her legs? Did she fold them up like a contortionist? Did she come in through the passenger door? But wouldn’t that little hump that separates driver and passenger crush her boobs/be awkward to maneuver around?

  2. I actually understand the ‘normal girl paranoia’ comment: as a woman, I am very aware of my vulnerability when I am alone in areas like parking lots. I wouldn’t keep my car door open while preoccupied in case someone comes up behind and robs or carjacks or assaults me. That kind of thing does happen enough that ‘paranoid’ behavior is ingrained in me (and most other women to some extent, I imagine).
    Whoo, there’s A thing in this book that made sense to me!

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