A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter thirty seven

His name was Leopold Walther Heinrick. He was a German national. He was suspected of almost every large crime you could think of. And by large I mean not petty. He wasn’t a pursessnatcher, or a con artist. He was suspected of working for terrorist groups worldwide, mostly those with a decided Aryan bias. It wasn’t that he’d never taken money from people that weren’t out to make the world safe for bigots, but he seemed to prefer from work with them. He’d been linked to espionage that specalized in helping paler people either stay in power or get power over people that were less pale.

  • Thanks for clarifying that ‘large crime’ does not, in fact, mean ‘small crime’.
  • And then for further clarifying that Leopold Heinrick does not commit small crimes. THANKS FOR THAT.
  • He’s an Aryan terrorist. Right. And the German police haven’t caught him before now because… look, the German government takes far-right neo-nazism VERY VERY SERIOUSLY.
  • The German government are probably just going to immediately extradite this guy.
  • And Aryan terrorist groups are… pretty rare in Europe. Look, there are an unfortunate amount of far-right extreme political groups, but that’s the thing – they’re political movements. They are not terror movements. Most white power extremists who commit atrocities in Europe tend to work alone. They are not highly organised terror movements. It’s almost like the governments of Europe take a very serious and dim view of neo-nazism.
  • That last sentence. Just say white power or neo-nazism.
  • None of this absolves any of the rampant racism in your works.
  • This was published in 2003, and probably written in about 2002. I’m not sure that you and your fictional universe are suited to discussing such a sensitive topic as terrorism. Plus, using terrorism in your book just after a serious terror event is seriously gross.

Anita has been handed a lot of surveillance photos, even though she has no right to be working in this case seeing as she has a PRETERNATURAL jurisdiction. She immediately susses that the pictures are from a hip level spy camera.

Anita Blake, you have no experience with spy cameras or a case of this level. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU RECOGNISE WHAT IMAGES FROM A SPY CAMERA LOOK LIKE?

The police start discussing what they’re going to do and Anita just knows that this all must mean that a terrorist attack is imminent.

Time out, time out. These are homicide detectives and one delusional woman. This is waaaaayyy out of their pay level. This is shit the CIA deals with, not any of these chuckleheads.

O’Brien thinks there’s not much they can do with grainy photos – there is nothing you can do anyway, when the CIA extradite the guy to Germany.

I nodded. “I agree. I’ll do my best to come up with more before we have to beard the lion in its den.”

“Beard the lion in its den?” she shook her head. “What have you been reading?”

I shook my head. “I have friends that read to me, if there aren’t pictures, I’m pretty much lost.”

  • ‘Beard the lion in its den’? Ok, I’ve looked it up, and it is a real phrase. It just sounds ridiculous.
  • Anita Blake can’t even read without someone doing it for her. How the hell did she get through university?

Actually, Micah, Nathaniel, and I were taking turns reading aloud to each other at night. Micah had been shocked that neither Nathaniel nor I had ever read the original Peter Pan, so we’d started with that. I’d then discovered that Micah had never read Charlotte’s Web. Nathaniel had read the book to himself as a child, but no one had ever read it to him. In fact, he didn’t ever remember being read to as a child. That was all he said, just that he’d never had anyone ever read aloud to him when he was small, but that one bit of knowledge seemed to speak volumes. So we were taking turns reading aloud to each other, a bedtime ritual that was more homey, and strangely more intimate than sex, or feeding the ardeur. You didn’t read your favourite childhood stories aloud to people you fucked, you read them to people you loved. There was that word again, love. I was beginning to think I didn’t know what it meant.

“Blake, Blake, you in there?”

Anita Blake zoned out in the middle of TRYING TO STOP A POTENTIAL TERRORIST ATTACK (allegedly) to think about the power of reading.

She then starts to panic about how she’s the focus of a terrorist plot, ignoring the fact that Heinrick is a hired gun. He gets hired out by people, so no, Anita, you’re not the focus of a terrorist plot. I hope.

Ugh, I’m too tired for this shit. Let’s bullet point!

  • Anita bitches about democracy. Again.
  • She worries a vampire might have hired Heinrick to kill her.
  • O’Brien offers police protection to Anita. OK, you’ve got a guy associated with all those huge powerful Aryan terrorists in a city with a well-established black and hispanic population that still has problems with entrenched racism, segregation, and integration. And you think ANITA is the focus of attention? Really?
  • Anita asks for copies of the police reports so she can get IDs for Heinrick’s colleges. O’Brien says no because she wants to stick with ‘Interpol’.
  • Not going to tell the CIA, the FBI, or the government about the major terrorist in your custody?
  • Nope?
  • EUGH.

4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter thirty seven

  1. I love Buckaroo Banzai.

    That’s all I can offer, really; this whole chapter is just ridonkulous. That first paragraph….I am so glad I don’t remember it. The woman uses way too many words when a few would do.

  2. Aryan bias, paler people…you’re right, she really does dance around actually SAYING white power or racist, doesn’t she? Interesting.

  3. Finally, I’m all caught up again. Do you think LKH might have some type of mental disorder like, ADD or something that affects her short term memory so she forgets what she has written and has to repeat things over again (for herself) ?. She doesn’t seem to proofread her work and everything reads like a first (and only) draft. I don’t know it’s just got me wondering.

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