A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter thirty three

Anita is having a bluescreen moment when Nathaniel slinks up to her. She then freaks out because she just can’t handle someone being ‘nice’ to her right now.

Christ, Anita just sounds more and more like someone being systematically broken by abuse. How did anyone miss that?

I was empty. I was that Marianne, my psychic teacher, called head blind. It happens sometimes if you’ve had a shock; physical, emotional, whatever.

You mean… you’re in shock? It happens to everyone. But, nope, speshul snowflake Anita Blake gets her own unique term to describe something that happens to most people. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, Nathaniel has come to tell Anita that those guys who were following them have followed them to the Circus of the Damned. Quelle surprise.

I nodded, and the black hole at my feet began to close. I still hurt, and I was still head blind, but for this it didn’t matter. Guns don’t care if you’re psychically gifted. Guns don’t care about anything. They don’t bitch at you about the rules in your personal life, either. Of course, neither does a dog, but I don’t have to use a pooper-scooper after I’m through shooting my gun. Sometimes a body bag is needed, but that’s not usually my job.

Why do you keep comparing things to dogs??? How many times has LKH used an inappropriate extended dog metaphor in this book? Seriously, had she just got a dog, and wanted to shove in as many references to dogs as possible? Having a dog has nothing to do with using a gun!

Anita decides that she’s going to summon up a fleet of cars and box in the guys following her. Even though those guys have parked up in the parking lot and are just standing around waiting for her.

Then LKH actually manages to say something interesting. I am surprised!

I had to carry the butt of the gun a little lower than I might have wanted for speed, but hitting your breast with the edge of the gun slows your fast draw even more. So a little lower angle, to avoid the chest. Legends say that the Amazons chopped off a breast to make them better at archery. I don’t believe that. I think it’s just another example of men thinking a woman can’t be a great warrior without cutting away her womanhood, symbolically, or otherwise. We can be great warriors; we’ve just got to pack the equipment a little differently.

That’s – that’s actually a good point.

And yet this is the same women who has such vitriolic hatred for women ingrained in her entire collected works. I don’t get it!

Nathaniel offers to help, but Anita says that he must surely stay behind. Yeah, Nathaniel, I really believe that you wanted to help, it’s just such a shame that you get to sit in and relax.

Something flitted over his face, something that might have been stubbornness. It faded, but stubborn wasn’t something I’d ever seen on Nathaniel. I wanted him more independent, but not stubborn. He was about the only person in my life that did what I asked, when I asked. Right that second, I valued that.

‘I want you independent, but only insofar that you exist to solely please and serve me’.

Anita then calls herself a coward for not asking if being bent completely to another person’s will bothers Nathaniel. Isn’t that what his supposed abusers did to him? And you’re just doing it right back to him, claiming it’s for his own good?

Then Anita runs off to shoot people. Joy.


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