A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter twenty eight

When more wolves arrived from Richard’s pack, and the screams started, I left.

Screams? What are they doing to him? What sort of medical treatment involves making the patient scream? Anyway, Anita internally bitches at Richard for his ‘passive suicide’.


Jason is driving because Anita might have a ‘fainting spell’. That is fair, although Anita disagrees. You see, she’s put a bunch of crosses up at the Circus of the Damned so she should be fine! Although she fainted at a crime scene and she’s not at the Circus, she’s heading to the Circus in a Jeep.


My pride was not worth crashing the Jeep with three other people in it. If it had only been my skin at stake I’d have probably taken my chances.

… and what about the other people on the road? In other cars? Fuck ’em, I guess, they can die.

If you throw the furry through a windshield, do they not still bleed?

…. um, they probably would, but what’s your issue with furries?

Anita starts freaking out because she can smell roses. This can only mean that BM is shoving herself into Anita’s mind again. BM laughs about how Anita will feeeeeeeed her until BM is sated, only Anita says NUH UH you’re never full! Sick burn there.

She laughed in my head, and it was like having the inside of my skull rubbed with fur, as if she could touch things with her voice that no one should have touched with their hands.

You wouldn’t feel it if she did rub fur on the inside of your skull. There aren’t any nerve endings inside your brain. BM then fills Anita’s mind with an orgy, and it’s clearly an eeeevbvvvvilllll orgy because…. um, it’s not Anita in the orgy? Oh, no, it’s evil because BM has tied JC to a chair. Clearly evil.

Anita gets hit with ARDEUR POWAHHHH and starts flailing around. Nathaniel puts his hands all over her which makes Anita boil like a pot. Jason is confused because this is like the ardeur but just… not. Anita sniffs Nathaniel’s hands, which reveal that he doesn’t wash his hands because they smell of everything he’s done that say. This includes ‘warmth’ and ‘blood’, as he doesn’t eat, defecate, or urinate. She then licks his wrist. HAWT. And then tries to drink his blood.

Jason swerves the car violently to stopt his and Anita freaks out because she’s unbuckled her seat belt and surely she will die because that’s how her mother died other cars can tell when you unbuckle and then you die instantly of non-seat-belt-ness. This sends BM away. Jason knows what’s up.

“Blood lust feels like the ardeur, but not. Sometimes you don’t know which lust it is until you find out if he’s going for your neck or your groin.”

“What did you just say?”

  • If you can’t tell the difference between ‘a desire for sex’ or ‘a desire to KILL AND EAT SOMEONE’ you’ve got a problem!
  • Oh, great, another thing that JC conveniently forgot to tell Anita. What an arsehole!

Bearing in mind that the Jeep has stopped in the middle of busy traffic, Anita listens to how, um, throbby she is, and instantly tries to feed on Jason. Wow, and BM has survived this long how?

Anita’s humping the gearstick while Caleb and Nathaniel try to take control of her. How can two super-strong men possibly overpower a woman currently having a humping fit, it’s surely an impossible feat? *rolls eyes* Anita then flies backwards, into the backseat, and Nathaniel has a huge hard on. I guess it’s at the prospect of Anita dying horribly. The Jeep is swerving all over the road, endangering the lives of all other drivers, while Anita kneels on the floor and tries to drink blood from Caleb’s penis.

I’m amazed that no cops have tried to pull the Jeep over.

Anita then has an out loud argument/battle of ‘wits’ with BM. Basically, BM couldn’t feed off Richard feeding off people. BM accuses Anita of having a fetish for the dead as her ‘connection to the dead […] was fated from the moment you were born’.

Man, I just imagine the Fates standing around and laughing about inflicting this bullshit on a random child.

Her voice dripped across my skin like warm honey.

Honey doesn’t really drip very easily across things. It’s very viscous.

Anyway, LKH’s nipple fixation strikes again as Anita goes cray-zay for Caleb’s nipples. She tears off his shirt and decides to eat his chest. Caleb has to be told that Anita is suffused with blood lust, even though they were talking about it not five minutes ago. Anita decides to feed then decides not to, and has a screaming fit with BM. Basically ‘do what I say’/ ‘no i will not do what you say’. BM ‘crashes’ into Anita, whines about Richard, and announces that as Anita has no fourth mark that means… um, things.

Dark honey flames hovered over my face.

Whatever you say.

Everyone starts flailing around and BM gloats evilly about how she will kiss Anita and give her the third mark so Anita will be hers.


That phantom mouth lowered towards mine. I knew somehow that if she laid a ghostly kiss on me that I would be hers. I did what I always did, I tried to hit at that face, and there was nothing to touch.


Then we get a page of BM gloating evilly about how she’ll take everything Anita loves and piss on puppies.

evil laugh

Jason just drives into the concrete barrier in the centre of the road. BM is ‘pushing through Richard’s power’, whatever that means, then Richard’s wolf fights back against BM’s cat.

I had never felt Richard’s beast so thick inside me. It was as if I was a purse, a bag, holding his beast, feeling it pace inside me as if my flesh were a cage it could not escape from.

Ah, yes, those well known wolf-holding handbags.

BM threatens to eat people tonight and that things will be hers, etc etc.

She was a two-thousand-year-old vampire, and they weren’t known for changing their minds, their habits, or their goals.

Then BM should be a very dead vampire. Seriously, a vampire who can’t change or adapt would not last that long.

Vampires were always either trying to kill me, or own me. God I hated being popular.

God, I’m going to come after you with a wooden spoon for your comma abuse.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter twenty eight

  1. So yeah, Richard’s “passive suicide” that was mentioned didn’t have anything to do with being fed on. Oh no. It is all about cutting his hair. I am not joking. According to LKH and the book. Richard wanted to die, but couldn’t go through with it so ends up cutting his hair as a substitute.

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