Crimbo Time

I’m going to be away at Le Papa Smith’s over Christmas Day, so I’m not sure when I’ll next have t’internet. So, to all my lovely readers, followers, commenters, leerers, drive-by readers, and everyone who enjoys my weirdness, my obsession with butts, and my really lax militant asexuality, I want to wish you a most excellent Crimbo time, a super smashing New Year’s, and hope you have a totally brill holiday. It’s been a really hard year for me, but you all have helped me get to another day. Laughing at bad fiction with you is really fun, so let’s hope we can keep the snark up for another year!

PS It looks like the blog is set to break a new stats record and reach over 100,000 hits by the end of the year. That’s rather cool. I might have to get swish adverts and shit.

Dottie xx


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