A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter twenty three

Anita wakes up to DRAMATIC THINGS HAPPENING. Basically, shit is going down with Nathaniel and Gregory. Their father tried to contact them, and apparently ‘[their] father is the one that pimped him and Stephen out when they were children’.

“Every time I think I’ve heard the worst of people, I’m wrong,” Micah said.

Thanks for making this about you, Micah.

Now, you may have noticed that I am taking a less-than-serious tone here when in the past I’ve always been extremely serious whenever this series decides to tackle issues such as child abuse. Which it does far too often. Well, the fact is that Anita supposedly knows that Nathaniel was abused as a child – when he has never said so, it’s never been in the text before, and this has come straight out of nowhere. He was said to be abused as a teenager, and Gregory, while being involved with Gabriel and Raina, did not appear to have suffered the same level of abuse as Nathaniel.

To me, it reads as a cheap attempt at sensationalism and making the series edgy and dark. And it’s annoying. This is a series about hunting down evil vampires – you don’t need to add sensationalism to make it dark! It already is!

Seeing as Nathaniel has been through such a traumatic event, Cherry and Zane dress and prep him for sexy times with Anita in bed.

Anita then stares at Micah all lustily and wants to fuck him. Um. One of the people you are closest to in the world (supposedly, seeing as I still maintain he’s just using her) has just had an extremely triggering experience… so you think OH BOY MY RAPIST BOYFRIEND IS INCREDIBLY HOT!

Micah had pulled a polo shirt out of the communal drawer. It was one I’d bought with him in mind, a deep rich forest green. It brought out the green in his eyes. But the shirt fit both of us, as most of our shirts did. Our casual clothes had become common property – only the dress-up clothes were strictly his and hers.

Wow, that’s not normal. That’s incredibly creepy. Love is not subsuming your identity to your partner.

Micah is going to comfort Gregory and Anita is now worried, but only a little bit, because that would involve caring about another human being. She frets about it for like two seconds and then collapses to sleep.

I’m going to go back to playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. Wake me up when the plot actually starts moving forwards.


9 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter twenty three

  1. I’m just going to skip over the triggery stuff and go: “But the shirt fit both of us, as most of our shirts did.” NOPE. If Anita is as curvy as she says she is, that’s not going to work. Unless Micah likes really baggy clothes.

      • Yep! And squishing things down too tightly for too long (like wearing a medical compression shirt for days on end) can cause permanent damage to the spine and ribs, and can cause major breathing problems.

        …Which actually makes me feel sorry for action heroines in super tight outfits in general, because /ow/.

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to take the rape and abuse stuff seriously when the author themselves clearly doesn’t.

    lol my parents were actually cracking recently about how my sister’s new boyfriend shares clothes with her and so did the last one cuz she dates skinny hipsters every time

    Of course, my sister doesn’t have humongous mounds of a creamy goodness so I don’t think that would work as well for Anita as it does for her…

  3. I realize that not every scene/chapter needs to be full of action, or drama, or whatever. You need those “connective tissue” bits – the stuff that gets you from big scene to big scene. That’s fine.

    That said, stuff still needs to happen in those not-so-important scenes. Here, it’s… nothing. Nothing happens. Nothing is advanced, nothing is developed. Unless we’re going into yet another sex scene, which would be like putting blocks on a car after it’s already run out of gas.

    God, how long has it been since we saw anything even remotely plot-adjacent? The crime scene? And that was back in chapter 20. So we’ve now had three chapters straight of nothing happening. That’s at least one too many.

    • Every chapter should add to the great plot rollercoaster (i have been playing a lot of rollercoaster tycoon atm) before you reach the top and then the sudden drop of the climax. This is just a plateau WHERE NOTHING HAPPENS and you’ll just forget it when you’ve read it.

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