A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter twenty one

Anita wakes up. She’s been moved to somewhere with a tiled floor and had wet cloths put on her skin.


And, FYI, that’s a really bad thing to do when someone is ill. You’ve got to prevent loss of body heat in a first aid situation. Someone’s never had any first aid training, clearly.

Tammy’s the one looking after Anita. Anita immediately starts demanding Tammy lift her up and move her around.

She got an arm under my shoulders and lifted. Detective Tammy Reynolds was five ten and she worked out enough to keep the other – read male – cops from giving her grief. She didn’t have much trouble getting me up, my back against the bathtub.

Even I can help people up, and I’m five six and incredibly weak. It’s about momentum, rather than pure strength. Anita is surprised that she feels cold, despite the fact she’s been on a cold floor and has wet cloths on her. No shit, Anita.

“Have you been,” I coughed to clear my throat, “putting cool rags on me?”

“Yes, it helps me when I’m sick.”

Anita passed out. She’s not just plain old sick – you should have called an ambulance! Passing out is dangerous! It requires some emergency medical help! You’re a police officer! You should know this!

“Cold rags don’t seem to be helping me.” I didn’t tell her that it was probably one of the worst things she could have done for me. Ever since I had inherited Richard’s beast, or whoever’s beast, cold didn’t seem to help me when I was sick. I healed like a lycanthrope now, and that meant that my temperature ran hot when I was sick, like my body was cooking itself. A well-meaning doctor had almost killed me with ice baths for what they thought was a dangerously high fever.

  • Wolves and dogs are only two or three degrees hotter than humans. They’re not hot enough so a body is ‘cooking itself’.
  • Most people are hot when they’re sick. It’s part of the body’s reaction to fighting germs/bacteria/viruses.
  • Shouldn’t Tammy be aware of how to administer first aid to members of the supernatural community?
  • Wouldn’t a doctor ask people if they have any shapeshifterness as they come into a hospital? Seeing as shapeshifters have been part of society for, like, ever, wouldn’t it be one of the questions asked along with if you have any allergies?
  • They jumped to ice baths without giving you fever reducing meds? Whatever.

Tammy then reveals she vomited and passed out too. And NO ONE CALLED A DOCTOR? WHAT THE FUCK? Anita thinks about how much she dislikes Tammy, because god forbid she ever think a nice thought about another woman.

“It’s my damn doctor’s fault. He gives me a prescription for birth control pills then prescribes antibiotics, and doesn’t warn me that while I’m taking the antibiotic, the pill won’t work.”

Tammy’s pregnant. And I have issues with this.

  • No doctor would prescribe you a antibiotic without telling you it would impact on your pill. No. Just no.
  • You didn’t think to read the information leaflet in your antibiotic? I read all the leaflets I get in my medication! How else are you going to know the possible side effects or what you can’t eat with them or any other vital information you might need?
  • Didn’t you know that already? I knew that, and I haven’t been on the pill in years.
  • This is why you should use two contraceptive options if you’re not looking to have children. The pill is 96 – 99% effective. Use condoms and the pill together because swimmers are persistent.

Tammy starts to freak out at Anita, of all people, about how awful it is that she’s pregnant. She’s not wanting to get married, but she must – which is so old-fashioned and ridiculous it’s making my head spin – and that she’s not going to progress in her career. That, unfortunately, has some weight to it.

She then asks if Anita’s pregnant because Anita threw up and passed out too. No, wait, according to this page, Tammy didn’t pass out. She ‘came close’. Despite the OPPOSITE PAGE saying ‘I’m the only one who passed out’.

I don’t think vomiting and passing out are symptoms that strictly mean pregnancy, Tammy. They’re also signs of untreated blood loss. So there’s no need for a big pregnancy scare. Because nature wouldn’t allow Anita to reproduce.

“You’re freezing, Anita, you don’t have a fever.”

Is being cold a sign of pregnancy? Or is it a sign of being drenched in cold water and dumped on a cold floor?

Tammy grabs Anita and demands that she reveal how far along she is. Then gets angry when Anita won’t tell her. Jason then comes in, comments on how cold Anita is, and announces that he’s taking her home.

How about to a hospital?

Jason forces Anita out through the press and back into the Jeep. He says she needs to heal like a shapeshifter, with a hot bath and people touching her.

Yeah, I mean, when my dog had a uterine infection that nearly killed her, we didn’t take her to a vet. We just dunked her in a bath, stroked her, and hoped for the best.

Anita then passes out again.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter twenty one

  1. How many times has Anita ‘I never faint’ Blake passed out now? And how many of those times were directly or partially caused by her own stupidity and the stupidity of those around her? Truly she is a strong capable woman, who is an inspiration to us all.

    The only thing damp cloths have ever helped me with is headaches. And cleaning.

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