A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter ten PART TWO

OK, I am back to this chapter after majorly nope’ing out after the bullshit in the last chapter. I just couldn’t deal with LKH’s batshit tirade against child molestation that made no sense in context and no sense in her universe.

Right, where were we? Ah, yes. JC and Anita have to provide Valentina – I still don’t know who she is – with a submissive for her to torture. Um, what? So, Valentina can’t have a lover because she has the body of a child but she is interested in getting sexual gratification from participating in (bad) BDSM. What is it? Is she stuck in the mentality of a child or not? WHY CAN’T YOU BE CONSISTENT AT ALL?

Anita asks whether they’d be better prepared in the preparations they were making if Musette had arrived when she was supposed to in three months. I think part of my brain exploded from the stupid.

“You know most human guests don’t expect their hosts to supply them with sex partners.”

Yeah, well, they’re not human guests. What’s your point?

“Nor do most of the bloodlines that descend from the council, but Belle’s line is built upon sex, and it has become custom to offer any of Belle’s line sex when they visit you. It is assumed that we all carry a touch of her succubus within us.”

“That’s not true,” I said.

“Non, but no one of her line has ever wished to dissuade the others of the lie.”

… you mean it’s assumed that vampires of BM’s line have the ardeur? That’s not exactly a lie. And then Anita starts talking about Willie McCoy.

Of course. That’s a logical leap. He’s not been brought up since Burnt Offerings, but yeah, my mind leaps to a random minor character when I’m thinking about succubii. Apparently, Willie and his SO Hannah are the weakest vampires (why? Isn’t Asher the weakest because he belongs to no one? That’s why Musette claimed him? ARGH) but they’re safe because part of the treaty that has been already fucking broken so there’s no reason to think Musette would still follow it that Musette & Co aren’t allowed to interfere in JC’s businesses. There are three vampires who are not protected from M&Co.

Meng Die is not safe and apparently Bartolome will have a particular interest in her because… um, reasons. For equally vague reasons, she will be entirely safe from him so they don’t need to worry. Faust is mentioned next. Love how Meng Die and Faust were clumsily reintroduced in the previous chapter to lead into this.

“Faust likes men, and to my knowledge nobody in Musette’s party is gay, right?”

“Oui, but that is not always a barrier.”

“We laid down the law tonight, that no one was to be hurt again. Forcing someone to have sex with a partner they find repugnant is a form of rape, and thus it’s harm.”

  • M&Co might have bisexual people in the group. Or anyone who has a sexuality that is not plain heterosexuality/homosexuality. You know, there’s a whole vast spectrum of sexuality out there.
  • Just more biphobia. Just shame all those filthy bisexuals. They’re just greedy gays, really. *rolls eyes*
  • I don’t think gay men are disgusted by women. They just aren’t sexually attracted to them. (Well, depending on where they fall on the Kinsey scale. Sexuality is a varied and fluid thing and that’s awesome.)
  • Um, forcing someone to have sex is just rape, straight up. Sexuality doesn’t come into it.
  • What, would it not be rape if Faust was forced to have sex with a man?
  • ‘Hell no, a gay guy just sees that as a chance for more sex! Because they’re so promiscuous! I have a load of gay men as friends! Aren’t my characters so realistic!’ GO TO HELL.
  • Rape is ‘a form of rape’. Wow. That’s a new low for this series.

JC brings up Angelito for no reason. Angelito is a casual partner with Musette, but Musette mostly enjoys getting her kicks with Valentina. Um, why aren’t you chastising Musette for being all sexual with Valentina? Because it is. It’s a sexual relationship between the two of them. But as LKH can’t conceive of non-penetrative sex, it just flies right under her radar.

“If everyone has access to someone they can fuck, or we have no suitable partners for them outside of rape, then everyone’s covered. Or have I missed something?”

He thought about it quietly for a few minutes. “Non, ma petite. Your machinations are worthy of Belle herself –


– if her intention were to keep her people safe.” Then he looked at me. “Except for one problem. Musette has had sex with Asher in the past, so you cannot make a charge of rape.”

“Having sex in the past doesn’t mean it can’t be rape in the present,” I said.

  • what
  • the
  • fuck
  • WHAT
  • WHAT
  • THE
  • FUCK
  • Musette is a child. Why isn’t it so disgusting and icky for ASHER to have sex with a CHILD?

How does this chapter keep getting worse? My god, this is an achievement in fail. BM thinks that an orgasm is the sign of a good time had by all, and I’m supposed to be so shocked except that that’s the exact same reasoning JC and Micah gave for their rapes of Anita.

“Why is it always Asher that we can’t protect? Asher that we can’t save?”

When has he needed saving before? But enough about that. Let’s talk about the ardeur – namely, that it’s not bothered Anita at all but she has to feed it now. Anita isn’t interested in sex right now, probably because they’ve spent the last two hours talking about rape and child molestation. I would be very disturbed if those turned Anita on. JC says they must, and lays down a guilt trip because all he really wants to do is snuggle, he doesn’t want to have no sex at all but they must, yadda yadda yadda, manipulative bullshit. Anita is sad because she’s not Julianna and I don’t know why. She then suggests that JC, Asher, and her make a threesome.

And there’s the reason for this whole convoluted mess of a plotline. Because Anita just can’t want to have sex with Asher as well. Otherwise she’d be a bad girl. *rolls eyes*

Anita then goes on a massive speech about how disgusting she finds the idea of two men having sex with each other. Isn’t Anita a icon for the modern age? She is sad because JC loves Asher but doesn’t apologise for basically calling her boyfriend disgusting for liking to have sex with men.

I hate Anita. She’s awful.

“I can’t let you take Asher to your bed, and I can’t take Asher to mine.”


Anita doesn’t want to have sex with Asher, but she’ll force herself to so he’ll be safe. So… she’s been forced into consent. That’s rape. Again.

It’s sad that I don’t think Anita has had a consensual sex scene in the series. That’s not right.

Luckily, Micah will give permission for Anita to do this because he’s a practical man. And he understands how JC gets off on watching Anita be forced to have sex with other men.

Anita doesn’t understand how she will have time with JC if she starts having sex with Asher. I am so close to the end of this now, I’m just going to shout ASJSKDHSDFJHFHFF and move on. Anita’s personal life is ‘close as it’s ever been to working’. What. What does that even mean.

JC summons Asher with his mind.

I felt my eyes go big, breath freeze in my throat, while my pulse beat like a crazed thing. What had I done?

Can Anita have a sexual experience where she isn’t scared out of her fucking mind?


8 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter ten PART TWO

  1. ‘let’? you can’t ‘let’ JC have sex with Asher. It is not your fucking choice, bitch. You have to have sex with multiple partners because you carry the ardeur. So does JC. You are polyamorous. You have no right to demand that JC be monogamous to you, when he was in a relationship with Asher before you were even born. Why the hell do you think you have the right to allow JC to do anything? A relationship is a two-way thing, Anita. Fuck your homophobia, fuck your biphobia, fuck your vanilla sex masquerading as BDSM, your torture masquerading as BDSM, your total denial that men raping other men is even possible, your assumption that you have the right to dictate the lives of everyone around you, your fetishization of homosexuality, your rape pretending to be love, and your convenient date-rape magic. Fuck you bitch.

    Yeah. Got a bit ranty. Sorry.

  2. Since I missed the last few—

    I completely agree on all your points about child vampires. Especially the bit where vampires who are ok with all kinds of rape and torture will universally balk at child molestation. Not to mention the “well they become insane!” thing also doesn’t hold water for the same reasons—loads of adult vampires are described as “insane” in this series (which is an issue in itself…) and the vampire community is A-Okay with it. What makes the “insanity” of child vampires somehow different and worse? All we see with Valentina is that she really wants to torture people and really enjoys it…like, uh, every other vampire in the series. You also make an excellent point on the idea that Val needs a guardian to get around in the world is bunk because everyone knows vampires are real and it should be obvious she is one (fangs!) and if not then she can always use her mental whammy powers, duh. Can’t believe I never thought of that when I was making my own complaints about how LKH handles kiddie vamps.

    RE timing for RP: Yeah, I had suggested 3 or 4 in the afternoon (on my end) because it’s usually when I’m getting back from the animal shelter…I neglected to consider that I’m usually quite tired then and focused only on getting a cool drink. Does Sunday work any better for anyone? (Won’t be there today either because we’re going to go see my grandmother)

    • I’m not going to be there either because the press launch for my play is in a week’s time and I’m running on 100% stress right now. I am trying to do everything at once when I should have done it months ago!

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