A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter four

Anita and Asher are surrounded by people with guns.

I kept my hands out from my body, fingers spread, universal sign for I’m harmless.

Well, harmless if you’re white. Anyway, Anita says Asher’s a friend and the police counter back that he’s not their friend.

“He’s not a threat,” I said, pressing my body back enough that I could feel Asher in a long line against me.

Asher is freaking out and muttering in French, before saying that dropping in to a big group of people unexpectedly was not supposed to be threatening. Yeah, well, if I was in a world where vampires run around unchecked, I’d take it as a pretty big threat.

It had only been five years since Addison V. Clark –


– had made vamps ‘alive’ again, at least to the law. They were citizens with rights now, and shooting them without just cause was murder.

Isn’t that a sheltered way of looking at the world. Anita threatens to have their badges and to kill them if they shoot, so they put their guns down. Anita has deduced Asher is frightened of something because he’s ‘forgotten his English’. He’s been speaking English longer than any of us have – combined. I think he’s probably got a good grasp at being multilingual. Anita and Asher’s hair mixes together. Anita goes on about vampire mind tricks and, oh look, now Asher’s pulled out his vampire mind tricks to stop the police being freaked out.

That’s what your writing has the subtlety of.

Asher tells Anita that ‘Musette’ has been injured. Musette is one of Belle Morte’s attendants, and shouldn’t be in the country for another three months, so this is code for ‘something awful has happened that I can’t tell the police’. They’ve got to go now because Musette might make the council do something awful, like cut JC’s hair or something.

I’d learned that council politics meant that having one member as an enemy didn’t mean that the others hated you. In fact, many of the council seemed to believe that old Sicilian adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Actually, the earliest known origin of the phrase is Indian. But that’s too much talk about politics or intrigue, let’s talk about how Asher looks. For a page. *twitches*


The one eye that was visible was a clear, pale blue like the eyes of a Siberian husky dog. Humans beings just didn’t have eyes like that.

No, they don’t. Because human beings aren’t huskies. Anita and Asher go to her Jeep. Musette has just arrived and oh no it’s like that council invasion that wasn’t an invasion because they were seeing how vampires were getting on in America. Asher is panicking and can’t translate words into English. Musette is BM’s executioner and as Musette is a vassal of BM, they can’t hurt her. They can’t punish Musette because Asher and JC can’t harm BM, which Anita doesn’t understand despite being a vampire expert.

It’s amazing how many things Anita doesn’t understand about vampires. Vampirism isn’t a field that undergoes constant change, like history or branches of science. Things must remain fairly consistent. Why the hell is Anita such an idiot?

Anita just Does Not Get It and doesn’t understand why they shouldn’t just kill Musette. Asher tries to explain it via the vassal system. That is very stupid as he did not live under a feudal system. Well, there were vestiges of it left in France for a very long time, but Asher is from the seventeenth century. He is not medieval. Anyway, Anita wants to prove that they’re not little fish but – le gasp! – they are compared to BM!

I guess at least this one has a defined plot line, and early too. I just wish it wasn’t more bullshit politics.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Cerulean Sins’ chapter four

  1. Your features aren’t supposed to change in the ABverse when you become a vampire, so if humans don’t have husky-type eyes, then Asher shouldn’t be able to just because he’s a vampire now. Admittedly, I think it *might* have been mentioned that the Belle Morte vampires get more beautiful, and since ‘beautiful’ is in fact a completely objective, factual, and fixed thing in this universe ( it’s whatever Anita finds attractive for men, and looking exactly like Anita for women—nonbinary folks don’t exist btw because you can only be a strong manly man or a weak girly girl) rather than a social construct that varies over places, times, cultures, and individuals, I guess it’s possible that, decades or even centuries before her birth, Asher’s eyes changed to fit Anita’s preferences for super-speshulness.

  2. I swear, her idea of “legality” for vampires is completely wonky. Granted, yes, the US has been pretty lax in consistent rights for everyone–Ferguson being an immediate example–but her comment that “shooting them without just cause is murder” seems to mean absolutely nothing to her or the police.

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