A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty five

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The room was black, utterly black, like being flung into blindness, nothingless, like a cave.

Anita is wandering around in the black hole and there are various people who don’t have calves on their arms. There are things hanging from the ceiling, mainly body parts.

Men screaming in the dark; by the sound of the voices I knew there were no women.

Because all gay men are evil and go mad and kill people on horrible ways. *rolls eyes* There’s blood everywhere – I’d presume there would be, if there are body parts littered everywhere.

I’ve got pretty good night vision, but even a cat needs some light, and there was nothing, nothing but the darkness.

You’re not a cat.

Chimera shouts at the screaming men and tries to find Anita. She’s just drifting around and there’s a page of him calling out for her. She’s told to answer him because it’d be bad if he’s angry. Chimera shouts at everyone to shut up. She won’t say anything, so he starts torturing the bits that are hanging from the ceiling that are still alive apparently.

“Can you taste the fear, Anita? Roll it on your tongue like the strong spice it is.”


“You don’t feel the need to talk, do you?” he asked, voice calmer than it had been, more ‘normal’.

“Not unless I have something to say.”

“That’s unusual in a woman. Most of them can’t stand the thought of silence. They talk and talk and talk.”

Stop. Just stop.

His voice got calmer, but it never sounded exactly like Orlando King. It was as if there was another voice coming out of him, another personality, maybe.

… didn’t you confirm that was the case in the LAST CHAPTER?

I didn’t know, and I didn’t care. If it kept him from cutting people up, then yea.

Nope. It’s spelt ‘Yeah’. Because this isn’t the tenth century. Chimera turns on the lights so that Anita can see what’s happened to Micah. Cherry has been tortured – again – but ‘Abuta’ the snake man did a good job torturing her. Abuta isn’t a real name – it’s the name of a plant – but it implies that the snake men are not white. So, the not-white snake men are so stupid that they’ll worship the first white man who comes along? Yeah, that’s not an unfortunate implication at all.

Anyway, the walls are papered with men chained to them and stuff. Anita demands that Cherry be freed.

“Unchain her.”

He smiled that unpleasant smile at me. “I’d hate to lose one of the only women we’ve got up here. Narcissus may go both ways, but he keeps the women out of his pack. Real spotted hyenas are matriarchal. He’s afraid if he brings women in that instinct will take over and he’ll lose his pack, because he’s not woman enough to keep it.”

Just stop. You are not smart enough to write about this sort of thing.

Then – with a flourish – Micah is revealed from behind a curtain. He’s been chained to the wall and he’s all injured and stuff. He’s been punished for lying about Anita being a panwere because she’s not.

“Does that mean you don’t want me for your mate?”

He laughed then. “Oh, I don’t know, I enjoy rape, adds spice.”

Can we, for the LOVE OF GOD, have ONE SINGLE VILLAIN WHO ISN’T INTO RAPE? Chimera laughs at how pissed Anita is about this and then says about how homophobic Orlando is and how unhappy he’s been that his Chimera side has been sleeping with men. I think this is stupid and cliched. Then there are noises upstairs because Anita’s allies have arrived. Anita has to ask why Chimera took the alphas. He did it to rule the shifter groups because… ruling things. Chimera decides to change shape into the snakeman from earlier, who tortured Nathaniel, which is another ‘personality’.

There was no clear fluid, no blood, nothing but the change, as if he stepped from one form into another, like Clark Kent changes into Superman.

Clark Kent doesn’t change into Superman. He IS Superman. Unless you’re comparing taking off a pair of glasses with TURNING INTO A SNAKE.

Then he turns into a lion man. Because. He launches at Anita but the ardeur starts up again. The ardeur has amazing timing. She’s full of fire. This makes Chimera back away because… sex power. This makes Anita realise that Chimera wants to die, then she gets a flash of Richard fighting in her mind, and now she has a silver knife. And the ardeur has mysteriously vanished again.

Chimera has run off to torture someone else and then Abuta jumps out. She stabs him in the heart and gets thrown across the room by Chimera. Luckily, Chimera ripped out Micah’s intestines in the two seconds he had when he teleported across the fucking room. Anita then gets Richard mind again which confirms that he is weak, weak, weak.

I didn’t call my power – there was no time. I became my power.

what the flippity hell does that mean??

She drags energy out of Chimera because she couldn’t just kill him with that giant knife that teleported into the room.

I used Orlando King’s life to fill my leopards, my wolves, and distantly, my vampires, with will. Will to live, to fight, to survive.

Of course. Everyone is healed instantly and Orlando dies screaming.

Micah’s voice came furry, rough with his new shape. “Your eyes are like a night-filled sky with stars in it.”

You just had your intestines ripped out. Perspective, man. The wolves come in holding Richard and he’s all pissed because gosh darnit he has to live now. For some reason, Richard is injured despite Anita’s power healing all the wolves. She drags more energy out of the ACTUALLY STILL ALIVE SKELETAL MESS ORLANDO and heals Richard. I think?

Micah grabs Anita and the ardeur goes wild. They laugh about how being tortured stops you being in the mood. She starts crying and the ardeur vanishes again as all the shifters touch her. Richard has teleported out of the room.

Awful lot of teleportation happening in this chapter. I wonder when everyone suddenly developed those powers.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty five

  1. Is that it? Was that the showdown? The clever tying together of all the loose plot threads?

    Is he a panwere because he has Dissociative Identity Disorder, so each of his personalities has a different animal form? Is he a panwere because of the DID or does he have DID because he’s a panwere? Or is the mental illness a complete coincidence? Does this mean that the mystical component of therianthropy is more important than the biological one? Why are all of these interesting questions about our villain ignored?

    • This is Laurell K. Hamilton we’re talking about – any and all potentially interesting possibilities will be ignored in favor of talking about how awesome Anita/her men are.

      Also, I’m really bothered by that whole “my leopards, my wolves” bit. I guess as far as Anita’s concerned, they aren’t people, they’re just things.

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