A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty four

We made it back to the club with a little time to spare.

What time? If you don’t tell us what the time scale is, it means nothing! TIME IS MEANINGLESS. Also, prepare to have a heart attack and die from shock: Anita doesn’t have any weapons on her. I know, I know.

Zeke would be carrying my weapons and theoretically he’d give them back to me if I needed them, theoretically.


Anyway, angst because Zeke once attempted to kill Anita, or something. She’s upset because response to crime is reactive, and she hasn’t saved enough people, and she can’t care about people who’ve been hurt because it’s ‘abstract’.

Thinking too much tended to make my thoughts jump around, my breath came a little too fast.

Just thinking turns Anita on, apparently. This book has three and a half stars on Amazon. That’s far too much. She arrives at the club and… just goes up to meet Chimera. Just walks in and meets him. Uh huh. I’ll list that under ‘ways to destroy any tension in your book’ as a technique, shall I? The snakemen are adoring of Chimera, so that means they have to die. Anita asks for Micah and Cherry, but Chimera says ‘nuh un, they’re MINE’. This makes Anita pout because they’re her toys. Chimera wants their pards to join because… shapeshifter communities don’t interact.

There’s a reason why Hannibal Lecter is an effective and memorable villain, despite not taking a main role in the Harris books. It’s because HE WAS WRITTEN BY AN AUTHOR WHO KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING.

But, dun dun dun, guess who Chimera is? That’s right, it’s that Orlando King who was introduced right at the start of the book in a way that basically screamed ‘I’m important!’ and was never mentioned again.

This is not how you write a crime thriller. This is terrible.

“People thought your near-death experience had mellowed you, but you contracted lycanthropy, that’s why you stopped being a bounty hunter.”

Thanks for telling us why this character is important. Such a shame you couldn’t have built this over the course of your seven hundred page novel. I’ve been reading a lot of Jackie Collins lately – don’t laugh – and I have a lot of respect for Collins. Her books are sex, rich people, and gory murders. They work because she puts work into them. The plots involve twenty people interacting and building up of a criminal OVER THE BOOK SO YOU KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING AND THERE’S A SENSE OF ATMOSPHERE.

Plus one had a director getting stuck inside the woman he was cheating on his wife with and having a heart attack and dying. Sex and ridiculous situations – Collins knows what she’s writing and goes all out. It’s refreshing after reading Hamilton’s dreck.

King became a evil person because the snake men decided he was a god. But of course. That makes perfect sense. He also has multiple personality disorder (which isn’t called that any more).

Of course he does. Because he just does.

This is the book where logic went to die.

Anita pouts because ‘truly insane people are often unpredictable and hard to negotiate with’. That’s right – let’s have another villain with mental health problems. That’s not problematic AT ALL. Chimera is the side of King that let him kill things because he’s not as much a badass as Anita or something. She’s stalling him until the cavalry arrives. Although she just walked in, and her forces could have followed her because CHIMERA WAS JUST STANDING AROUND DOING NOTHING.

Chimera is leading her out to some room to show how he helped himself. Whatever. I’m just glad this book is ending soon.


8 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty four

  1. When you’re done with LKH you really have to do Terry Goodkind. He’s the only author who you could do without the rants seeming hollow. And I’m not just talking about his objectivist tendencies.

    And on the chapter. PLOT. So hidden behind NOTPLOT that you can barely tell that it is there. And this is the start of the rise of the goddess anita-sue. Ugh.

  2. oh shit I just realized now I completely forgot our RP session today. I’m really sorry, it’s just my seven year old nephew is in the house and so is my brother/his father and everything’s kind of chaotic D: I Again, super sorry, I hope everyone sees this ><

  3. Until you started reviewing these books I was remembering them with rose-colored glasses. NiC is the last LKH book I purchased and the only one I ever bought in hardcover. There were things I didn’t like in this book, the beginning of the ardon’t and the entire character of Micah. Even back then I didn’t understand why she didn’t kill his traitorous rapist ass. I used to re-read all of the previous books before the new Anita book came out. After NiC I stopped bothering.

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