A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty three

When we opened the door, Zeke had a picture of Cherry in front of his chest. His first words were, “Shoot me and they both are worse than dead.”

How did the ‘bad guys’ get Cherry? Christ, this plot is so asinine. It’s pointless. I’m so bored that I’m going to pull out one of my patented bullet point lists!


  • Chimera has sent Zeke to get Anita for his mate.
  • Chimera was apparently responsible for sending the snakemen to kill Anita. Hmm, what’s that writing maxim? ‘Show, don’t tell’. Probably.
  • Anita is totes a sociopath and isn’t that cool.
  • Chimera is interested in Anita because she might be a ‘panwere’, like himself.
  • A panwere is a shapeshifter who can take many forms. Isn’t Anita special.
  • Gina – of Micah’s pack – is waiting outside to talk to Anita, but she doesn’t want to talk to a woman, so we can talk to Caleb instead.
  • Gina then arrives at the door covered in a shawl to stop showing off her bruises. She’s gaunt and starved despite the fact that the leopards only left a day ago. Space is warped and time is meaningless.
  • Gina knows Zeke, the WHOWR. And Zeke is apparently a talking wolf right now. Or something.
  • Anita doesn’t think an animal’s face contains any expression. I guess that LKH has never owned any animals or been around them, ever. I’ve been around a lot of animals, and they have so much expression and personality! I have a little dog – you’ve seen pictures of her – and I can always tell what her mood is. I can always tell what Edgar’s feeling by looking at him, too. And his face is covered with feathers!
  • Chimera is going to go cray cray and kill everyone because… reasons.
  • Anita has to kill Chimera because no one else can.
  • Anita refuses to let the leopards come but the wolves and rats can.
  • The rats are already on their way to the club. Because…. GODDAMNIT, WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT LOOKING FOR LOGIC IN THESE BOOKS?
  • Zeke’s wolves were captured by Chimera and couldn’t fight because…
  • Zeke can’t change shape because….
  • Anita asks if the rats want to help. Those rats that are already on their way to the club to help out. *headdesk*
  • They’re going to kill Marco and the snakemen.
  • Oh, and Chimera is responsible for the alphas going missing. Nice. That was wrapped up in a neat little package that went nowhere.
  • Also Jacob was really an eeeevvvvviillllll plant all along and he’s going to turn the wolves over to Chimera.
  • Bobby Lee doesn’t understand that everyone is going to kill Chimera. *headdesk*
  • He then whines about how it takes time to organise an offensive. You know, THAT ONE YOU WERE ALREADY ORGANISING.
  • Micah sold out Anita to Chimera because he’s an arsehole.
  • Gina’s been burnt. No stumps for her because she’s a lady.
  • She sobs and flops dramatically in an artful pose. It would seem Micah’s been trying to escape Chimera.
  • Hmmm. Maybe Chimera is just the brother of a woman Micah abused who’s coming for revenge.
  • anyway yes they’re going to kill chimera

I’ll be online tomorrow evening for RPing. I need something with things happening that make sense.


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty three

  1. “Hmm, what’s that writing maxim? ‘Show, don’t tell’. Probably”

    We’ve seen LKH’s attempt to explain what “show, don’t tell” means. According to her, it means “describe *everything* in excruciating detail.”

    Also, why? Why is nothing happening? How can a woman write one long book after another, and yet have *nothing* happen in them?

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