A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty two

Everyone has sat down and thinks.

Gil had sat down at the end of the couch first thing, huddling. Normally, I’d have asked what was wrong, but screw it, I didn’t have time to baby-sit him right now.

  • You know what’s wrong. He saw you blast people into bits with a giant gun.
  • Since when have you ever given a shit about anyone else’s problems?

They sit down and make a map of the club. Bacchus knows the guard schedules – oh, they have a schedule but they can’t defend themselves? –  but he doesn’t know Chimera’s. Chimera is sooooo cray cray (sigh.) that he changes the orders for his guards on a random schedule. Then Zeke, a werewolf from NiC arrives. Have we seen Zeke? I can’t remember and I don’t care. Anywho, he’s a bad guy. Because.

Anita pulls out an Uzi. She crawls around the door and window and finds a picture has been left for her. It’s a picture of a tortured Micah.


oh no micah’s in trouble we’ve got to let zeke in because we’ve got to help micah

Bobby Lee – the hick bodyguard – is worried.

“There is a look on your face, girl, that is as bleak as a winter’s dawn. People kill other people while they’re wearing that look. I don’t want you to let your emotions get in the way of business.”


LKH, can you at least bother with some individual character voices? Just one? He says that ‘GIRRRRRRL YOU SCARE ME’ and Anita is pissed about being called girl (which I sympathise with, because she’s a woman over twenty. She shouldn’t be called a girl). Then they let Zeke inside.



3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty two

  1. Anita is just so bad ass and scary because she has a bitch face and KILLER EYES. I have decided to imagine twin dollops of ice cream in place of eyes every time LKH wanks over how SCARY and COLD Anita’s eyes get.
    …At this point I’m also fantasizing about introducing her to my dear Jean and Tas.

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