A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty one

Hey gang, sorry about the extended break. I had an exhausting weekend; I was up in Liverpool to cast my AWESOME FEMINIST HISTORY PLAY WHICH YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT, and then I was looking after my niece, who is two and has far more energy than I could ever have, and then I went to some castles in Norfolk with my grandmother and won lots of prize tickets at a seaside arcade. I just fell into bed at about nine in the evening last night and slept right through until about eight in the morning. It was a very long and tiring weekend, but a great brain and soul break.

And now back to Anita.

Bacchus actually didn’t know all that much. Narcissus had introduced his new gentleman fair, Chimera, and they’d seemed to be having a wonderful time together. If not true love, then the rough trade they both wanted.

Of course, in the AB world, sex is wicked and dirty if the people having it aren’t in love. *rolls eyes*

Then Narcissus had gone into one of the rooms and not come back out. For twenty-four hours the were-hyenas had thought it was just sex, but after that, they stopped believing Chimera’s assurances that Narcissus was alright. Ajax had managed to get inside, and that’s when it went bad.

There are hundreds of were-hyenas. How did this happen? They’re strong enough to TEAR A JEEP APART. HOW THE HELL DID ONE PERSON GET THE BEST OF THEM?

And then Bacchus reveals that Chimera arrived with a load of his own bodyguards. AND NO ONE – NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM – DECIDED TO BE SUSPICIOUS AND PROTECT THEIR PACKMASTER.


I don’t have patience with stupid people.

Ajax has had his limbs removed and the wounds cauterised so he can’t heal and is now permanently ruined in the eyes of our lord and master Anita Blake until she gets into stump fetishes. Bobby Lee confirms that Bacchus appears to be telling the truth.

I’d gotten better lately at simply refusing to let my imagination run away with me. Maybe it had something to do with being a sociopath; if so, let’s hear it for dementia.


How is a personality disorder anything like dementia? My great-grandmother had dementia. I can assure you that she was not a sociopath. The two things are not linked in any way shape or form.

“How many bodyguards does Chimera have?” I asked.

“About twenty-five before you starting killing them.”

“I thought there were like five hundred of you guys. How could twenty-five men keep you down?”

Bacchus looked at me with stricken eyes. “If someone had your Ulfric, Richard, and was cutting pieces off of him, crippling him, wouldn’t you do anything to save him?”

…. that’s not an answer, Bacchus. I guess we’re just skirting around this plot blackhole and ignoring the fact this plot is flimsier than a wet paper bag. Anyway, basically, all the were-hyenas are pathetic and can’t do anything so that’s why they haven’t helped Narcissus. And Chimera wants Anita for his own. Because of course he does. Everyone wants the magic vagina of Anita Blake. Apparently, it’s the delivery entrance to Narnia.

Narcissus isn’t doing any leading because, you know, torture. Bacchus is very upset because Chimera cut out his boyfriend’s tongue and gave it to him as a present.

How did I go from trying to kill him to feeling bad for him? Maybe it was a girl thing, or maybe I’d been oversocialised as a child.

Yes. Because having empathy for other living creatures is a sign of a dysfunctional childhood.


Anyway, yay, Anita is going to help out. Of course she is, otherwise there wouldn’t be a climax on this long journey into nowhere.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter sixty one

      • What was surprising to me was that, once Ajax was so horribly crippled, the rest didn’t decide to say “fuck this shit” and storm the Bastille so to speak. Because outside of killing them, there isn’t much left to do to torture the poor guy, so where exactly is Chimera’s power over them after that?

        Oh, wait. *facepalm*

        Can I say as well, I both love and hate you for posting that link to the sporking of Fifty Shades. Love for making me laugh, hate for reminding me that piece of ass exists. And has sequels. That are about as flimsily written as this book was.

  1. So now Anita thinks that having empathy is too fucked up? That speaks volumes about her. Also, congratulations on your play!

  2. You know why the werehyenas are helpless and inept and all?

    They’re gay men.

    Seriously, that’s pretty clearly it.

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