A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter fifty seven

I was shoulder-deep in water so hot it made my skin pink. I was so hot I was almost ill, because I was still fully dressed, including all my guns.

That’s… stupid, then. Anita is whining because she has to be with Damian in the magic bathtub o’healing because she’s his master. He goes into convulsions otherwise. Anita and the gang went back to her house, and Anita was relaxing, only Damian had started vomiting blood so Anita has to keep on touching him now.

Use your magic healing powers Anita. Goddamn.

This leads into a big discussion about how impossible it is for this to be true because no one has fucking learnt that the rules mean nothing to Anita. All the rules of the universe get broken for her because she’s so super special.

I had protested, demanded, but nothing I could do or say made it untrue.

Oh, grow up.

Asher waltzes in wearing a beach towel. Anita complains about how hot she is so Asher has to tell her to strip off some clothes. She’s just too stupid to do it otherwise, and Anita has to be naked if there’s more than one man in the room. Anita asks Asher to strip off and jump in the tub because her magic vagina will cure the gay out of him! because he has to strip off for reasons. He’s worried she’ll stare at his junk, because that’s the ongoing issue with Asher – does he have a penis or not. Anita admits she would not be unable to look away from his crotch because she can’t shut her fucking eyes and Asher can’t wear underpants.

Asher doesn’t like this, as he can’t put on underpants to prevent her from looking.

“Yes, I’d look just for sheer curiosity’s sake, how could I help it? You’ve teased and taunted about how bad your injuries are. You’ve set it up so that I’ll have to look, have to see.”

No, you don’t. Asher is your friend. How about you respect him by NOT GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO STARE AT HIS DISFIGUREMENT.

“But if you don’t know by now that I just want to see you nude, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

what the funken wagnel does that mean?

Anyway, Asher has to jump in the bath to undress Anita as she is unable to do it herself. Nathaniel is suddenly in the bathtub. How big is this thing? This is a normal house, with a normal bathroom. When did Anita have a swimming pool installed? Nathaniel is here because Asher told him Damian needs to feed…. with his mind? I have no idea. Nathaniel strips off Anita.

I have no idea how Nathaniel is in front of Anita and also behind her.

Anita needs to get out of the heat or she’s going to be sick. How hot is the water? Asher says Damian has to be ‘warm’ but not hot. Heatstroke happens when your body temperature is over 40 degrees, but you have to be unable to have a means to regulate your body temperature. Bath water tends to be hotter than your body temperature, so how hot is the bath water? Anita has to have been in the water a long time, and bath water cools off fairly quickly so…

I don’t have any answers to this, and I know hot baths can make some people sick, but it seems weird to me. I don’t understand why Damian can’t be in the bath while Anita holds his hand. If he just needs contact, she doesn’t have to be in the bath with him. Nathaniel and Asher begin ripping Anita’s clothes off and put a cold towel on her head.

You should cool down her veins at her joints. I’ve had heatstroke, and you need to cool her internal temperature. Making her head cold isn’t going to do much good.

Asher and Nathaniel took my weight and Damian’s and moved us back to the far edge of the tub –


– as Gil came in and started cleaning up the mess. Gil had cleaned up a lot of messes tonight, and he’d never bitched, not once. He did a double take at the pieces of my shirt floating in the water, but never commented aloud. He made a good flunkie. Did what he was told and didn’t ask questions.

Yeah, because you said you’d kill him.

Anita is now nude and then she passes out.

Um, stuff happened? I guess?

I have why this book hasn’t stopped yet.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter fifty seven

  1. If I were Anita I’d see a neurologist, because passing out with this ease and frequency is a sign of life-threateningly serious brain damage. But then again, LKH is a hack writer who can’t figure out how to pace and finish her chapters properly.

  2. Maybe it’s a hot tub? That would explain the size and over-heating issue. Of course, LKH can’t just come out and *say* that, because that would make sense. Kinda like having Anita strip down before getting in the tub. Come to think of it, why did we have to put Damian in a tub in the first place?

    Also, gotta love how they apparently had to literally rip the clothes off of her. Because I guess having her make it easy for these guys wouldn’t be sexy or something.

  3. Y’know, I was talking to RF earlier and I realized something. The reason why we don’t see much of the foxes and swans probably isn’t /just/ because of LKH’s cat fixation. It may also be that way because swans and foxes are traditionally seen as ‘feminine’. She’s even given Gil traits that fit that idea. He’s timid, he needs a ‘big strong manly’ person to protect him from teh evulz, he cleans, he’s… practically the quiet shy housewife stereotype at this point.

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