A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter fifty two

I sat on the white couch with its brand-new bullet hole. Micah sat down beside me, and since he was naked, that was… interesting.

Why? Does he have a doughnut penis? Anita finds it uncomfortable – why? You’ve been around so many naked people before – and can’t look at him. People hover around. Gil cowers in the corner, as anyone would after dealing with two grown men rolling around, tearing each other’s throats out. Asher stares at people. JC then swans back into the room.

I’d dated him on and off for nearly three years; a twenty-minute cleanup was nothing short of miraculous.

It’s been three years since Burnt Offerings? LIES. JC is swanning around in a robe.

Micah’s pulse races. This makes Anita’s pulse race. JC and Micah titter over this and JC is going to take blood from Micah’s neck. There’s a page of JC hovering around Micah’s neck and Anita suggests that the huge crowd leaves. JC bites Micah and they fall over the back of the sofa.

I was left kneeling on the couch, staring up at the line of Micah’s nude body, seeing without doubt that what was happening was making his body happy. His face was slack with need, pleasure.

I don’t like, fragments.

His hands convulsed over Jean-Claude’s arm, and he half-screamed, half-shouted, “God!”

Wow. So excite.

JC sort of falls on Anita’s lap from his position… at the back of the sofa, and Asher comes in to point out that Anita is supposed to be rescuing Damian. JC snarls at Asher and Asher is like ‘FFS if you wanna fuck, I’ll just leave’.

OK, I hate Asher, but he’s like Richard. He keeps saying sense.

Anita tells Asher to ‘put the attitude on ice, I can’t deal with it right now’. What attitude? He’s telling you to do something.

“So sorry that my discomfort annoys you.”

“Fuck you, Asher.”

Where did this come from? Why do you hate Asher? And not Micah?

Asher leaps on her and glares into her face.

“Don’t offer things you’re not willing to do, ma cherie, because that is annoying.”

What does that even mean?

Asher stalks out the room and Anita decides to rescue Damian.




wow that was pointless


11 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter fifty two

      • He does. But it’s Anita: the Golden Vagina. Also, I think by this point, he was so sexually frustrated because he couldn’t have JC that he was ready to do anyone/anything to get a leg over.

      • Eh, I just figured he was annoyed with the sex that he couldn’t have right in front of him. He wanted to leave the room, to exit the situation, but Anita throws her little bitch fit so he tells her to stop being a cock tease – at this point, I think Anita was refusing to sex him and so Asher has been having blue balls.

  1. So speaking of the timeline, I have actually been keeping notes on the books though I stopped after OB as I was Anited out so anything in NiC, I haven’t noted yet obviously. Anyway, here is the layout:

    Guilty Pleasures: Anita is 24. The month is July. According to this book, three major affairs happened two years prior: Addison vs Clark passed, she met JC for the first time, and Manny and Anita went on their first hunt.

    Laughing Corpse: Age not given in book. The month is August. Timeline still adds up as it says vampires became legal two years prior, and Manny and Anita’s first hunt happened then as well. LC also says that four years prior, Anita started animating though it doesn’t specify what this means exactly so first time she started animating human or perhaps started working for Bert. Five years prior to this book, animating become licensed and Burt recruits Anita straight out of college. Eleven years prior to LC, Anita accidentally raises her dog (she would be age thirteen).

    Circus of the Damned: Age is 24. The month is October. Timeline still adds up by saying that The Laughing Corpse happened two months prior to CotD, and GP happened three months prior. This book says that Bert recruited Anita at age 21 so three years prior (which does not match up with LC). We also learned that Anita’s mum died 16 years ago (she was eight), and her father remarried two years later (so age ten).

    The Lunatic Cafe: Age is 24. The month is December (around Christmas). This book still has Anita’s mum dying when Anita was eight.

    Bloody Bones: Age not given in this book. The month is March. It says Anita has been working with the police for three years (which could be true as we don’t have an exact month of when The First Death took place). Timeline still checks out by having Addison vs Clark pass three years ago. However, there is a flaw within the book. JC says he witnessed the killing of Dracula, making him 600 years old (according to the text). However, later Anita meets Serephina, and Anita notes that she is 600 yet Serephina says that she was centuries old when JC was turned. Possibility that JC is lying about his age here. JC and Anita have been dating for weeks at this time (though I would say months since they started in late December, weeks is still technically correct).

    The Killing Dance: Age not given. The month is early May. The book says Anita and Richard have been dating for seven months, which does not add up. The earliest Anita and Richard would have started dating would have been early November. That is only six months. The timeline does match up by having BB take place two months prior.

    Burnt Offerings: Age not given. The month is July. TKD took place six weeks prior so that works out. It also says Anita has also known Dolph for five years, which more than likely doesn’t add up as The First Death takes place three years prior, according to the timeline so unless she knew Dolph while she was in college… It also now says that Addison vs Clark happened four years prior when it should be three.

    Blue Moon: Age is 25. The month is August. BO apparently took place two months ago even though it took place mid July. Even if it is late August, that would still only be six weeks. It also says she started dating JC three months ago, which does not add up since again, they started dating in late December. That would be eight months unless she means seeing only JC. If that is the case, it would be three, but since she doesn’t say exclusively, you lose a point, Ms. Hamilton.

    Obsidian Butterfly: Age is 26. The month is May. BM happened a year ago (I’ll give LKH this one as people rarely count exact months except with babies), and GP happened two years ago. Oh, the timeline is actually correct… She says she’s known Edward for five years, but if GP took place two years ago, and The First Death took place two years prior to that, that is only four years. However, the conversation in tFD makes it pretty clear that Anita already knows Edward so we’ll have to give LKH another pass. As for her dating life, she broke up with JC and Richard a year prior, and she hasn’t seen them at all for six months. She also says she and JC had been dating on and off for a year, but she also broke up with him a year ago? What?

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