A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter fifty

We kissed and it was like melting from the mouth down.

SEXY. Plus, I am not here to play the pronoun game with you. Who are you kissing? It turns out to be Micah and they make out for a bit. JC stops holding Anita down and then throws himself at Micah. Not for sexy times, it would seem. They actually start rolling around on the floor in a fight.

Um, LKH, that’s not how fights work. Because we don’t live in a cartoon. Anita sighs and this cancels out the ardeur, somehow. Consistency! It’s not just for cakes! She pulls out a gun, aims it at their heads – SENSE, NOTHING BUT LOGICAL SENSE – and then shoots the sofa.

This makes JC and Micah stop. They’re dripping with each other’s blood. Anita tells them to stop or she’ll shoot. JC says he can’t get up as Micah has him pinned in place, a statement that makes no sense following ‘I will shoot you in the head’. Micah won’t move, so Anita threatens to kill him again. He goes all MACHO and bro-y about how he won’t move because if he dies, JC has to die. Anita freaks because the artery in Micah’s neck has been punctured, despite Micah having all those healing powers.

Micah then claws JC’s throat out.

“Heal that,” Micah said.

I was left standing there, watching them both bleed to death. Mother fucking son of a bitch.


At least the chapter didn’t have a gang rape. I will give it that.


14 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter fifty

  1. Wait, so what was the point of all this? The last two chapters have been leading up to yet another sex scene, but then… nothing.

    LKH just gave her readers a case of literal blue balls to go with the literary blue balls she’s already got going. Damn it, woman, why won’t you at let *something* happen?!

      • No, no, that would be something *interesting*. LKH has managed to make a career out of not having anything *interesting* happen in her books, but stuff still *happens* (yes, horrible, mind-scarring sex scenes are still *something*).

        This is… nothing. Something started to happen, but then Anita pulled out a gun and shot it dead.




  3. We all know LKH won’t let any of the ‘good guys’ (even in inverted commas, I use that term very loosely) die, because the death of that one side character in the first book is still too traumatic for her.

    I would say that Anita’s not going to shoot the two most supa spehsul oresome guys in the world, but I wouldn’t put it past her not to shoot a kitten if it looked at her funny.

    Lastly, if I punctured an artery I wouldn’t be ripping people’s throats out, I’d be more… “Holy sh*t, I’ve punctured an artery. Help!” The next chapter needs to start with how Micah bled to death because he killed someone rather than getting medical attention.

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